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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


7. You Did What?!

We spent the next 2 hours talking. Just taking about nothing. I love talking to Danny. It's easy. He just understands everything I'm trying to say and just wants me to be me. He lets me be myself. Danny knows how to slowly avert my attention away from whatever I'm upset with when I'm with him. If I'm crying, he holds me. If I'm laughing, he's laughing with me. And when I'm angry, he's the one to calm me down. He's my rock and my best friend. A lot of people started showing up and it got pretty crowded and loud so we just left and started walking back to my house. For all that time, I completely forgot all about the Hayes nonsense until we passed one of his ex-girlfriends on the other side of the street. “Oh yeah, Do you know his birthday? Hayes?”
    He was holding my hand. I felt it tense up. “No, why?”
    “He locked me out and I can't get in without knowing his birthday.”
    He snickered. “That's funny.”
    “No it's not.” I smiled. I knew he would laugh at that because it's something he would do to me too. 
    He shrugged. “I guess everyone in the world has a sense of humor because that's funny.”
    “Okay, how do you even know everyone in the world thinks that's funny? Maybe you're the weird one that has a cruel sense of humor.”
    “Liz, we went over this already. I know because I'm always right about everything.”
    “M-hm.” I nod sarcastically as we reach my house. “Thanks for walking me home. I know it's a little out of your way so you didn't have to.”
    Mom was smoking a cigarette with Chris when we go there. The were on the porch and we were at the end of the driveway so they couldn't hear us but they could see us clearly.
    Danny put his hands in his pockets after letting go of mine. “I don't care. I wanted to.
    “Well, thank you.” I kissed his cheek. It's warm and it slowly turn red as he smiles.
    I start walking up the driveway when he called for me. “Call me.” he yelled. I give him and look and he laughs, walking the way we came from.
    When I reach the porch, mom smiled at me. “Somethin' goin' on with you two?”
    “What? Who? Me and Danny?”
    She nods and raised her eyebrows at me.
    “No, mom, he's... no.” I shake my head and lean against the railing.
    “Oh, why not? He's cute.”
    “I'm not saying that. I know he's cute, there's really no denying that but I'm just not into him like that.” because I'm really in love with Hayes.
    “Okay...” she said as if she didn't believe me. Which, I knew she didn't but I just ignore it and go inside to see Ellie sitting on the couch.
    “How was the party?” I sit next to her. She had a folded up white wash cloth on her forehead, her eyes were closed and I saw her eyeshadow. It was now pretty light but her lashes were still long and dark. Her cheeks were pale and she had on the same clothes she had last night. She had a huge, red hickey on her neck. I poke it. “Seems like you had fun.”
    She laughed softly. “Cam gave that to me.”
    “No way? You're serious?”
    She didn't take the cloth off her forehead or open her eyes but she nodded her head. “Yeah, so how was your night?”
    “Um... well... I know that Hayes wasn't there with you guys.”
    “That's right.” she peeked at me through her right eye. “How did you now that?”
    “He...” I clear my throat quickly. “Uh, well, he came to the house.”
    She turned to me as quick as her hangover would let her. “He what? No! You're lying... tell me everything.”
    “Nothing happen actually. Thanks to me.”
    “Thanks to you? Thanks to you?” she repeated in shock. “What do you mean 'thanks to you' Liz?” she said in a warning voice.
    “Okay. He came over and kissed me. I was making out with an angel, Ellie. Then I stopped him because... yes, I admit it. I – I was afraid of having sex with him.
    “Why? Who would be afraid of sleeping with Hayes?”
    “I'm a virgin.” I grit though my teeth.
    She gasped. “OHMIGOWD! YOU STOPPED HIM? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW POPULAR YOU'D BE?” she yelled then groaned with her hands in her head.
    “Then he went home.” I add, wanting to kill myself at this point.
    “OHMIGOWD!” she repeated again.
    “I know, I know. I'm an idiot.”
    “He left, Elizabeth.” she tried yelling but it hurt her too much. “Do you understand what you've done to yourself? Like, really, I apologize for being so harsh but you really are stupid.”
    “Ellie, I know. Okay? And I regret it. A lot.”
    “No-o-o.” she laughed. “You really don't get it. Because... because...” she laughed with sarcasm and anger in her voice and sat back with her eyes closed again. “Let me slow it down for you here. You said NO to SLEEPING WITH HAYES GRIER. Sweetheart, you may have just ruined your reputation forever. When word gets around, and it will, you will become the laughing stock of all the boys and no one will want to sleep with you. And the girls?” she just shakes hers head and didn't finish the sentence. That was okay, I didn't want her to. I didn't want to know.
    “OHMIGOWD!” I jump to my feet and yell. “Please, please, you have to help me.” I feel my face getting hot. This was terrible. There is no way I can go to school today.

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