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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


30. Stress

    “If you go then I'll tell you're mother about the call this afternoon.” he crossed his arms.
    I scoff and cross mine too. “Oh yeah? Really? So, this is how we're gonna play that game?”
    He shrugged. “I'm sorry, if you wanna play it that way then I'll play along. Listen, I'm just going by your rules.”
    “I... but...” I sigh. I have no argument here. “Whatever.” I shake my head upstairs, making him think I was actually going to listen to what HE says but instead I head into Ellie's room. “What time are you leaving?”
    “Around 7. You're gonna come?”
    “Yeah but not until like 10 when Chris leaves. He says I can't go because of my detention.”
    She laughed. “So? It's Chris, he has no control over us. Why you so worried about him?”
    “Because mom doesn't know about my detentions and he does. He said if I go with you tonight, then he'll tell mom.”
    “Blackmail, hm, I like it.”
    “Ellie!” I say offensively
    She laughed again. “Okay, okay. I'll just tell Cam that we're coming later.”
    “You don't have to wait for me.” I say, hoping she'll agree. Maybe her and Cameron could do whatever they wanna do before I get there so I'm not stuck alone with Hayes. I'm actually still not even sure I even want to go, I mean, I only wanna go because Chris said I wasn't allowed.
    “Oh please, I'll wait for you.” she smiled. Her phone ringed, when she answered it and pushed me out.
    Great, so that didn't exactly work how I wanted. Maybe I'll just tell her to tell Cameron not to invite Hayes. But then she'll wanna know why, Cameron is probably gonna wanna know why, Cameron is probably gonna tell Hayes about tonight and how I didn't want him to come and that will just bring up more hell for me. I'm already gonna have to look over my shoulder so I don't need this too. Should I just stay home and catch up with Danny? I haven't heard from him in a while. I shake my head, “No, don't be a wuss.” I say to myself just as I past Garry's room, his door was open.
    “Who's a wuss?” he called.
    “What? Oh... uh, no one.”
    “No...” he comes to his door way and leans against his door. “There is something going on with you lately.”
    “What? No, I'm fine. Why would you say that?”
    “Well...” he held up one finger. “You're talking to yourself and you only do that when you're stressed.” he help up two fingers. “I talked to Nash this morning.” he held up three fingers and shrugged. “And I heard Chris on the phone with your principle today.” he raised his eyebrows. “So you wanna tell me what's going on? Huh? Come on, stop always talking to you're twin sister about everything. You have other members in this family ya know.”
    “I'm awesome, that's why she comes to me with everything.” Ellie comes out of her room. “But what's going on now that I don't know about?”
    “Lyza was talking to herself just now.”
    “Why? What's making you so stressed?” she turned to me.
    Garry looked at me and pointed at Ellie.
    “No, guys look... I'm fine, nothing is going on.”
    “Is it that shameful that you can't tell you're own brother, I would never judge you. Unless you try drugs... then I promise to kill you.”
    “Oh, pah-lees, she'd tell me before she'd tell you.” she crossed her arms
    “It's not shameful, it's nothing, really. Guys, there is nothing wrong with me!” I got into my room and slam my door shut behind me. I changed my mind, they both made me not wanna go with tonight. I'm staying home and sleeping.

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