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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
  • Status: Complete
Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


8. Staying Home

    I told my mom I wanted to stay home because I wanted to take care of Ellie and to my surprise, she bought it. She said it was OK. By the time she left fr work though, Ellie fell asleep on the couch and I was stuck alone.
    It was about noon and Ellie was still sleeping when I heard a bang on the door. I thought about ignoring it but they didn't stop. What the hell do you-” I stop. Great. This again.
    “Why aren't you at school.” Hayes invites himself in.
    I shut the door again and turn towards him, watching him as he looks around my house and up the stairs. “Uh... I'm taking care... of.. Ellie...” I tried to sound calm when really my heart is at my feet.
    “Where is she?”
    “Sleeping.” I point to the couch in the living room and he leans over to look at her then turns back to me.
    “Go get dressed, we're going out.” he said firmly.
    “What? I- no, I can't. What if she wakes up, she expects me to be here. I need to make sure she doesn't-”
    “Go get dressed, Liz.” he repeated, interrupting me. I don't think he cared what I had to say. His arms were crossed now.
    I nod and do what he says, running upstairs as fast as I could. I put on something nice but not too nice, I wanna look like I'm trying but not too hard. This could be my second chance. I might be able to redeem myself. I was just about to put on some make up when Hayes interrupts me again. He's in my room...?!
    “No make up.” he takes the eye liner out of my hand, breaks it in half and throws it in the trash. “You don't need it.”
    He was being sweet but abrupt. It was making me more crazy.
    He's in my room...
    He's in my room.
    He's in my room.
    Someone help me, I can't feel my knee's again.
    Hayes Grier is in my room.
    He's in my room.
    “Uh, okay. Where are you taking me?” I brush through my hair quickly, I was gonna put it up but he shook his hand and took the band from me.
    “Well...” he shut the door.
    I may just pass out.
    He shut the door...
    He's in my room.
    “I don't know if I should tell you because not a lot of people know where it is exactly and not a lot of people are allowed in.”
    “I can keep a secret.” I take a step towards him, trying not to sound eager and weird and psycho. But I think I see him try to hold back a weird face.
    “It doesn't really have a name, just somewhere we hang out to get away and have a good time. Just a few of us. My brother, his friends and a few of my friends.”
    His friends?! His brother?!
    I'm dreaming.
    “Sounds... cool.”
    “It is...” he nods and found my phone on my dresser. “0608.” he says and picks it up.
    “June 8th, 0608. My birthday. Your password.”
    I laugh nervously a little and take it back. “Thanks.”
    He nods again and smiles. He is even more perfect when he smiles. “Ya know... I'm not sure I wanna go out anymore.”
    “What?” I ask in shock.
    I look at the door, its still shut.
    He's in my room.
    Oh god...

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