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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


21. Scared

    Just before I went to bed, Garry called me downstairs. “Liz, there's someone at the door for you!”
    I run down but stop to turn around and go back up when I see it was Hayes.
    “Wait, please! I wanna talk to you.” he invites himself in again and follows me to my room. “Just listen to me, okay?”
    “Hayes, get out of my house.” I stand at my door way and don't let him in my room.
    “Why are you so angry with me?”
    “Maybe because you threatened me... twice! Now again, get out of my house.”
    “I'm sorry about that.”
    “Did you just say I'm sorry?” Ellie comes up the stairs and stops at us. “I've never heard that before.”
    “Ellie, just stay out of it, please?” I say.
    “Yes. I-I did. Okay, see?” he pointed to Ellie. “I don't know. There is something about Lyza that really intrigues me, I'm actually interested in you and want you more then just in bed. I've never felt this before and it just pisses me off. Just accept my apology and move on please, because I'm not saying it again.”
    “I'm not accepting your apology, you're a jerk. Leave me alone.” I got to shut my door but he stops it with his foot.
    “This is about that Jack isn't it? Huh? You're with him now?”
    “Jack? Jack who? Jack Gilinsky? He was asking about you today, is that why?” Ellie crossed her arms.
    I look over at Ellie. “I asked you to stay out, okay?” then I look back at Hayes. “And, no, it has nothing to do with Jack. It has to do with you sneaking in my room in the middle of the night without me knowing. How about you tell me something about that?”
    “You what?”
    “Ellie! Go away!” I yelled but she just kept looking at Hayes and ignoring me. I didn't want to but I brought him in my room and shut the door on her, locking it so she can't open it. “If you want me to accept your apology then explain yourself... and it better be good.”
    “Why would I break into your house in the middle of the night? Where did you hear that?”
    “Someone told me.”
    “Well, whoever it was is a liar.”
    “Danny doesn't lie to me Hayes”
    “Danny? As in Daniel Skye? Yeah, he lied to you, maybe he's just jealous. That little wannabe.”
    “Excuse me? I will not let you barge into my house without my permission and start criticizing my friends. He is not a liar, you are. So you need to leave my house and leave. Me. Alone. And if I find out you gave me another 'visit' I'm calling the police and having your ass arresting. You understand?”
    “You listen to me, Elizabeth.” he pushed me against the wall and held me there. “Who do you think you are telling me what to do? You think you're able to do that? This may be your house but I still have control over you. I'm not afraid you but the other way around. You need to watch yourself and I'm getting tired of your mouth. And tell your friend, if he wants to stay in one piece he'll keep his nose out places it doesn't belong. Do you understand me?”
    I nod. It's the only thing my fear is letting me do.
    “I'm glad. Because I don't wanna hurt you.”

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