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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


17. Safety Reasons?

    I decided not to talk to Hayes about it until at least tomorrow and I did a pretty good job with avoiding him. Until 8th period. We have History class together and he sits right behind me so I have no choice. He was already there when I walk in but he was doing something so he didn't look up. I sit down.
    He cleared his throat and leaned to my ear. “I hope... for safety reason, you didn't tell anyone about this morning.” he whispered.
    Safety reasons? What did he mean by safety reasons? I didn't want to make him angry again and make his show me what he meant. “I didn't.” I reply quietly.    
    “Good.” he rubbed my shoulder and kissed me cheek then sat back again.
    “What was his game now?
    “Welcome back, Ms. Perry. Mr. Grier” Ms. Cay said blankly, handing me two pages as well. I'm guessing the quiz Hayes and I missed yesterday. They way she spoke, stood and handed us the pages I knew she knew we were out on purpose, together. She might be old and really mean but she's no dummy. We have to give her that. “You guys had an extra day to study being you were...” she looked at Hayes “Sick” then back at me. “So I'll assume you'll both get some good grades?”
    “You know what happens when you assume, right, Ms. Cay?” Hayes said, making the class laugh quietly, even making me smile too.
    “Watch yourself, Benjamin. You’re still on my list from Monday.” she snapped back quickly.
    “Yes, Ms. Cay. We'll do good. In fact, I studied yesterday between the naps I took.”
    “Mm.” she nodded and went back to the front of the room. She didn't believe me. It's not like I was telling the truth thought either. I started studying then I fell asleep and Hayes came over...
    We were working until the rest of the kids started piling in the room then we had to move to the back of the room, on either sides. I'm glad he was so far from me though because I could actually focus more and not have to worry what he was doing.
    I sit behind a tall boy who pretend to be reading but he hid his phone in the book and was on Twitter.
    “You're Liz right?” he turned around and smiled. He had a nice smile, very white and perfect, and it didn't hurt that he was cute.
    “Um, yeah.”
    “Jack G.” he turns off his phone and turns around even more.  “I can help you if you want.” he points to the paper.
    “I... don't need help. Thanks though.” I smiled and went back to focus on my test.
    “Are you sure?”
    I look up at Ms. Cay and back at Jack. “I think we should turn back around and leave me alone before we both get into trouble.”
    Just as I thought. “Liz you are more trouble then I though!” Ms. Cay turn around from the white board.    
    I don't wanna get Jack into any trouble so I don't say anything but Jack spoke up just as the whole class turned around. Hayes looked over at us as well, his ears read and jaw clenched, he looked very angry again. “No, it was my fault. I was just wondering how she was doing from yesterday. Being out sick and all.” Jack faced forward and nodded.
    “Oh. Well, that was very sweet of you Jack but that can be saved for after class. Okay?”
    I sigh with relief. I was glad he did that because she doesn't like me and I'm not sure what she would have does next. “Thank you.” I whisper.
    “You owe me.” he whispered back and I can see him smile.
    I look over at Hayes again, he's back to his test but his jaw is still clenched. “Oh yeah. How.” I smiled too.
    “Give me your number and we'll call it even.”
    I laugh to myself but write it on a small piece of paper and drop it over his shoulder.

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