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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
  • Status: Complete
Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


11. Really??

         He stared at me. I wanted his lips so bad, his full perfect lips on mine. Ugh. My heart wasn't letting up on insisting I have a heart attack. Without even thinking, I pull Hayes down to me by his collar and kiss him. His whole body relaxes as he falls on top of me - kissing me back. Oh this was amazing And I wasn't even scared. Okay, maybe a little bit but I wasn't about to let it get in the way of something I wanted.

         Something I needed.

         Craved for. 

          I eventually convince myself that this was okay and my heart slowly became normal again. His hands slipped under my shirt and rested on my sides. Holding them firmly as he positioned himself on top of me more comfortably. I knew I was getting my second chance and he was getting what he was rejected of.

         In one swift move, my shirt goes off. This was happening. We were going to have sex. Finally. I was ready.

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