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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


27. Detention

    I got 2 weeks of detention for talking back. Jack got 3 for fighting and Hayes got a month for fighting, missing class and being disruptive when actually arriving.
    How exciting.
    I get to spend 2 weeks in a room with two boys who beyond despise each other. One of whom which, is obsessed with me and I'm pretty sure is borderline crazy, and they other got unwillingly caught in my drama and yes, I do feel kinda bad about it.
    Before entering the detention room, there was a big sign on the door:

    When I walk in and hand Mr. Umbel my slip he looked shocked. “Liz! What in the world are you doing here? You don't belong in this room.” the smirk on his face was as if he thought I was just messing with him but it quickly dropped when he realized I was seriously in trouble and after I handed him my phone and book bag, he motioned towards the desk with the green chair right up front. Hayes and Jack aren't here yet so he came to the front of his desk and crossed his skinny arms. “Like I said, you don't belong here... what are you doing here?”
    “Basically... I talked back to a security guard when he kept asking me to go back to class.”
    I was only defending Jack Gilinsky but the guard didn't seem to care so now... here I am.”
    “And you're here for...” he looked at the slip and back at me, shocked. “2 weeks? Liz, come on now. He must have told you more than multiple times, you know better.”
    I shrug.
    “Well, I hope you learned your lesson then.”
    I shrug again.
    He was about to say something else when Hayes walked in. “Mr. Benjamin, you know the routine.”
    “That's not my name.” Hayes growled.
    “It's the name your mother gave you at birth, it's the name on your school file so it's the name I will call you.” he pointed to the desk with the blue chair, two rows next to mine and right smack in the middle and across from his desk. “Now sit.”
     Mr. Umbel is a cool teacher. He's young and he's one of those teachers who everyone knows and loves. He teaches 12th grade English and I've been in his class once for a project and he is relaxed and easy with the work but he does a lot in one day. If you ask his to call you a certain name, he'll call you that name. Except with Hayes, I don't think Mr. Umbel really likes him. See, Hayes likes to be called by his middle name because he doesn't really like his first name and everyone knows to call him 'Hayes' but Mr. Umbel won't do it. He's never done it and I don't think he ever will.
    Hayes does want he's told but curses at Mr. Umbel and gives him a look when he sits down.
    “You can say whatever you want, give me all your nasty looks but you did this to yourself young man. You're here because of your poor actions, not mine, I didn't tell you to go disrupting class and trying to pick a fight.”
    “I didn't ask for your damn opinion!” Hayes said quickly.
    Mr. Umbel just shook his head and put Hayes phone in the drawer with mine.
    Hayes looks at me. “You're done.” he whispered quietly.
    I look at him in shock. Totally, completely caught off-guard. The air becomes heavy; what did he mean by done? Jack comes in wearing basketball shorts and a wife beater, he was all sweaty. He had practice? I'm surprised they let him with having detention. I stopped paying attention to Jack and went back to thinking about what Hayes just told me. The whole world seemed to almost stop and everything was moving slowly. Is he going to really hurt me now? For real this time...

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