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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


29. Chris

    Luckily when we got home, mom was still at work but Chris was on the porch smoking a cigarette. Ellie shot in the house, probably to start getting ready for Cameron's “Hey, what are you doing here? Mom doesn't get home until about 7.” I say
    “I know, I told your mom I'd cook you girls' dinner tonight so she gave me the alarm code to get in.”
    I nod.
    “You know you're lucky I was here when the principle called to tell us you got detention for the next two weeks”
    I look down at my shoes “What did mom say when you told her.” I mumbled.
    “I don't know because I didn't tell her.”
    I look up at him quickly. “You didn't? Why not?”
    “Because I have teenagers of my own, plus I got into a lot of trouble when I was younger too so I understand what it's like.”
    I chuckle. “Well, thanks, Chris. I appreciate it, really.”
    “But there is a catch to me not telling your mother.”
    I sigh. “Shoulda known... what is it?”
    “You need to tell me what happen and why you got that?” he said firmly.
    “It's a long story.”
    “I like long stories, tell me.”
    “Nah, you won't understand, trust me, please.”
    “Well, I'm trying to but you're kinda making that really difficult for me.
    “I can't, I'm sorry.” I'm not telling him or mom about Hayes or Jack, they didn't need to be involved. Not yet.
    “Why not?” he shrugged and threw his cigarette into a small puddle off the porch.
    “Because, okay? Like I said, you won't even understand so I don't wanna try and explain it to you and get frustrated with myself and with you...”
    “Is this about that boy?”
    “That boy you told me about. Is this whole 'Detention' and slash or 'Chris, you won't understand' thing about him? Because like I just told you, I've been in some trouble before and I'm a man so I also know what boys think like so yeah, I do understand.”
    “No, I – look, I have to get ready for tonight. Ellie and I are hanging out with someone boys and I'm not sure when we're leaving.” I get up to go inside but he stops me.
    “Uh – excuse me? You think you're going out when your principle had to call and say you got into trouble. Oh, no way Missy. That's not how things are done. Especially if you don't even tell me why.”
    “Who are you; my father? You can't tell me when I can and can't go out. If I wanna go, than I'm damn well gonna go.”
    “No, you're not.”
    “Try and stop me.”

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