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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
  • Status: Complete
Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


15. Cause

    The next day, I did decide to got to school but only because I wanted to see Hayes. I wasn't going to bring anything up about yesterday or why he didn't text me. I wasn't even going to talk to him. I just wanted to see him.
    And I do.
    I want to run over and smack him across the face for not answering me back but then I wanted to pull him in and kiss him.
    Just as I reach my locker though, he comes to me. “Hey, there, beautiful.” he pokes my side gently and I jump because it tickles.
    “Hi.” I smile then go back to my books, trying not to seem 'too invested'
    “Sorry I didn't text you back last night, my phone died.” he started playing with the end of my blonde hair, draped over my shoulder. It was driving me crazy but I didn't want to let it show.
    I shrugged and shut the door. “It's cool.” I step past him but he goes in front of me and stares at me, with a very, very small smirk on his face. “Hayes, I... I... I have to get to first period.”
    He holds out his hand and winks at me.
    I wanted to take it and let him take me anywhere in the world but I knew that was a bad idea. And so did he. I don't think he cared though. He can see how reluctant I was, so he grabbed my hand anyways and pulled me to the classroom all the way at the end of the hall.
    After throwing my books on the floor, he carefully but quickly puts me on the teachers desk and starts kissing me.
    Oh god.
    I know what he wanted and hell yeah, I wanted it too. If it weren't for us being in school, I would have given it too him. The bell rings so I push him back. “We have to get to class, let's do this later.” He shakes his head and came back over to me but I push him back again. “Hayes, I said no!”
    He gave me an angry, nasty look and his sparkling eyes were now burning red as his jaw clenched tight. I'm actually quite scared now. I wasn't sure what he would do to be because we were in the band room; the only room in the entire school to be sound proof. And our school is apparently too cheap to buy camera's.
    “That's the second time you said no to me, Liz.” he sighed really deeply. “And it's starting to piss me off.”
    I don't say anything. I figure it would be better not too. He eventually left, opening the door so fast it slammed loudly into the wall and bounced closed again. I guess the bang was so loud a teacher had to stop her class to come check what was going on. By then I was in tears so she didn't ask anymore questions, just gave me a last pass and sent me off to bio.

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