Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


28. Cameron's Tonight?

    Ellie picked me up from detention, when I got into her car she asked me what happen and I told her I would tell her later. Well, I sorta told her, I more so mumbled it because I was still thinking about what Hayes said to me. It's scary to wonder about, what did he mean?
    “...and I was so happy. Oh yeah, so I was thinking, since Cameron invited me over tonight for a movie, why don't you invite Hayes and you guys could come with?” she has been talking for the past ten minutes but that was the only part I actually heard.    
    “No!” I say, just then remembering I haven't told Ellie what's been going on.
    “Oh... why not? I mean, is there something wrong? Are you guys just looking for some alone time tonight?”
    “Um...” I thought about telling her about him but then I rethought it because I didn't want her to over-react. “N-no., it's just that...” I clear my throat, unable to think of a good lie she will believe.
    “You're too nervous to invite him?” she smiled at me.
    I nod my head quick and give her a small, fake, shy smile. “Is it that obvious.” thanks for thinking up a good one, El, I owe you.
    “No worries. Do you want to; I can have Cam ask him to come over.”
    “Um...” I say again. If I say no, she'll ask why and I'm not sure I'm ready to tell her just yet. If I say yes, then that means her and Cameron will sneak off to his bedroom, leaving Hayes and I alone and I don't really want that either. “So are you and him like... together now?” I ask, hoping to change the subject.
    “Cameron? I don't know, I think I'm starting to really like him. We've been talking constantly since the party and he's a real sweetheart. Ya know, he's not looking just for sex. Although I'm not complaining about it either.” she looked at me again and nodded.
    “Not a picture I needed in my mind. But isn't he like a million years older than us?”
    “No, he's only about three years older. And what about Hayes, he's younger than you, Ms. Cougar.”
    I laughed. “Wow.. only by like a year so I don't think that could be considered being a cougar.”
    “Are you older than he is?”    
    “Did ya sleep with him?”
    “Yes but-”
    “No 'buts' when an older lady sleeps with a younger guy...” she shrugged and smiled real big. “Face it, it's apart of life.”
    “Ellie!” I laugh again. “No, just stop.”

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