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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


32. Breakdown

    While driving to Cameron's, I stop myself from crying anymore. I have to calm myself if I was going to end this. If I was going to do it right, and I was going to make sure to do it right. This was the last straw. Hayes is done trying to control my life and my fear. Danny was everything to me and Hayes had no right. He was wrong in any which way you look at it. I'm going to end this... tonight.
    I'm no longer scared of him. I'm angry. So angry that I'm worried I might crash, but I don't stop. I can't stop, I have to get over there as soon as possible. After making a quick stop to get something, I text Ellie to tell Hayes I was going to be there soon and that I had a surprise for him. She tried to ask what it was but I just turn off my phone and press on the gas a little harder, my heart was pounding and I could wait to get there to show Hayes my surprise.
    They were out on the porch when I got there.
    “Hey there. Your sister tells me you got me a gift?” Hayes comes over to me, giving me a huge smile.
    I get out of my car and go over to his shiny red Jeep and smile. “I do. You wanna see?” I lean against the passenger side door and put my right hand in my pocket.
    He gave me a smirk and took a step closer to me. “I would love to.” he grabbed my left hand and pulled me even closer.
    I pulled a pocket knife out of my right pocket and sliced his arm with it as hard as I could. “The let me show you!” I yelled.
    “Ow! You bitch, what the hell!” he screamed as the blood ran down his arm, a lot of it too. It made me feel a little better knowing he was in pain.
    “Liz!” Ellie and Cameron came over.
    “I know you killed Danny!” I start from where we were standing and scratch the side, all the way to the gas cap. “Why?”
    “He was in the way and you know it.”
    “Oh?” I say with fake enthusiasm. I see a green metal baseball bat up on Cam's porch, so I grab it and go back over to Hayes' windshield. “Tell me more!” I say, holding the bat like I was going to swing.
    “Liz, I swear to god... this is an 84 thousand dollar car. You don't wanna do that.” Hayes growled.
    “You... do not get to tell me what to do anymore!” I scream then close my eyes and swing as hard as I could. I hear his alarm go off and glass shatter, when I open my eyes Hayes no longer has a windshield.
    They all gasp.
    “Why... did you kill... Danny?” I yell again, this time climbing on the hood, holding the bat up again so I was able to hit the roof.
    “Get off my damn car!” he screamed.
    “Wrong answer!” I slam the bat down. Clink. Again. Bang.
    “You bitch.” he growled again. I feel him grab my feet and we both fall to the ground. “You'll pay.” he grabbed the bat out of my hand and climbed on top of me.
    Meanwhile, I see a few neighbors peeking their heads outside. I was almost sure he was going to swing that bat in my face if Cameron hadn't snatched it from him. Nash comes running through the yard, he grabbed Hayes and pulled him back. “My car. The bitch ruined my car. I'm gonna kill you!” he screamed. Good thing Nash and Cameron had him tight or he seriously might have.

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