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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


12. After

    I wake up on the chair. What?! No, it was a dream? I look at the clock; it was around 2pm so there is a chance it wasn't a dream. Please, god, please tell me it wasn't a dream. I look over at Ellie, I was about to wake her up but she isn't on the couch. “Ellie...” I called but I didn't get an answer. I got up to check the downstairs bathroom. “Ellie? Are you in there?” I knocked on the door but she answered from the kitchen.
    “I'm in here.” she was sitting on the counter, with a dark green blanket wrapped around her.
    “What are you doing in there?”
    “I'm talking to Hayes.” she says as I reach the kitchen.
    So it wasn't a dream?! “Yes!” I say, not meaning to do it out loud.
    “I know, I'm glad I didn't leave either.” he smiled. He was sitting on chair at the table, I didn't see him until I was in the room with them because the table is on the left on the fridge and the fridge blocks the whole room unless your in it.
    “No... I... uh- never mind.” I laughed with embarrassment and joy.
    I sit down across from Hayes and sit back. I don't remember anything. How did I get downstairs; did he carry me? How did I get into the chair; did he put me there? More importantly, what the hell happen between him and I in my bedroom. My bedroom while we were alone with the door shut. The door shut! I wish I would stop blocking out when Hayes is around me, I would like to remember some things when we're together. Like if what happen upstairs... I was going to ask him but I didn't want to sound weirder then I already come off. Plus, I'm not so sure how much he has told Ellie, if anything at all so I decided to wait for when we're alone again. If that ever happens again.
    “Damn, girl, you slept longer than I did today.” Ellie smiled and took a sip from the white coffee cup in her hand.
    Before I could answer Hayes did. “Yeah, she's tired.” he nodded and I could feel my face get red.
    “Okay...” she scoffed and gave a confused look.
    “So... how are you feeling?” I asked, trying desperately to change the subject before anymore information comes out that I don't know about.
    “I guess I'm okay, I still have a headache and I've been throwing up like crazy. I don't even know how stuff is coming out, I haven't eaten anything since Cameron took me to Burger King after the party. Even then all I had was a burger that we shared.”
    I laughed. “I wouldn't know...” I looked over at Hayes, he was looking down at his phone. “How is your brother?” I ask bravely. I don't feel my heart. That is the first time I was ever able to coherently say something to him without being blocked out.
    He looked up at me blankly and looked at me for a second, almost like zoned out. “I'm sorry, what?”
    “How is Nash?”
    “Oh, he didn't come home last night, I think he was still at Cam's.”    
    I nod as he goes back to his phone. I look over at Ellie and motion towards his phone, asking her with my eyes if she good see it. She slightly leans towards it, just enough so he doesn't know then moves back and shakes her head. I plead again with my eyes so she tries again but no such luck, I guess. She gives me a look and I shrug.
    “Well, girls...” he says. “I think I'm gonna have to leave.” he stands but doesn't take his eyes off his phone.
    “Okay... will you text me?” I ask. Great, now I sound desperate. Way, to go.
    “Uh, yeah, of course.” he looked up and smiled at me. “See ya.” he walked out the back door and it was very quiet for a second before either of us spoke. I think we wanted to wait to make sure he didn't hear anything.
    “Why were you so nosy?” “El, we had sex.” we say at the same time.    
    Before I could answer her, her eyes widen. “What?” she laughed. “You mean, you had sex with Hayes?”
    I nod and smile. “Yes! I mean, at least I think we did. We were in my room and last I remember we were kissing. I keep blacking out when he is around. But, I'm almost 99 percent sure.”
    “Oh my god. That is... wow... you're not just saying that? You seriously... I... I'm speechless.” she shook her head and sat back against the wall. “Is he any good?”
    I laughed. “I don't know, I told you I blacked out but I would imagine so. He's a great kisser and just amazing all around.”

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