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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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Liz thinks she has everything under control in her life until dreamy bad boy Hayes Grier comes into her life...


14. A little insight

    For the rest of the day I stayed in my room, laying in my bed. I didn't really want anything to do with anyone, especially Ellie. I could still smell Hayes' scent on my sheets, so even though I did black out, I know he was truly laying with me. When mom got home, she wanted to know why I was so upset and why I didn't want to come down for dinner. I told her what's been going on and she actually agreed with Ellie! That made me even more furious. But as the night went on, I started to realize maybe they were right. Maybe they had a point I was trying to avoid. He said he would text me but I got nothing since he left. I even text him, but he didn't even read it. I knew it was a bad sign. I knew it showed even more they were right. Which made me feel even more worse!
    By eleven I was getting hungry and mom had already put dinner away hours ago so I was stuck making myself something. I open my door. Since my door is the first one at the top of the stairs, I can pretty much hear everything downstairs so I heard the TV on low. Chris was on the couch and mom was asleep in his lap. “Oh, hey. It's late, what are you doing up?” he turned down the volume even more.
    “What, are you my father now?” I snapped, not realizing how mean it sounded and how angry I really was.
    “What? Liz...” he looked hurt.
    “No. I didn't mean to say that. I'm sorry. I'm just really upset and I guess I didn't even realize I was so angry.” I sit on the chair, knowing he is probably going to want to talk.
    “Would you like to talk about it?” he asked.
    I shrug. “Long story short, I'm kind of confused on what to do with this guy.”
    He nodded. “Boys are dumb.”
    I scoffed. “Don't give me that speech. I've heard it a million times from my brother...”
    “No speech. I'm just letting you know. What's his name?”
    “Ah. That's unique.”
    “He's very unique, yeah. So, like, I had this huge crush on him and we... well... did some somethings... and he said he would text me before he left and he hasn't all day. Is that bad?”
    He shrugged. “Well, I hate to lie to you but typically, yeah, that's bad. But I'm sure you don't have anything to worry about, maybe he is just busy. When did he leave?”
    “Earlier this afternoon.”
    “Like I said, don't be worried. Ask him when you see him tomorrow at school.”
    “If I go..” I mumble.
    “Nothing. Thanks. I'm just gonna go for a walk.”
    I give him a look but he gives it back to me. We may have just met this morning but he clearly has kids and he isn't afraid to show it. “You're right. I'm just gonna get something to eat and go to bed.”
    In the kitchen I text Danny to meet me on my back porch so we could talk and hang out a little bit more. Unless, he is sleeping or busy, he usually replies right away to me but he doesn't tonight. I hope he's up, I could really use his smile to cheer me up.

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