•not a Calum fan•

Idea from @Poisonous.Calum


8. .7.

It was a long night of, talking, and him saying he was sorry a lot. I soon fell asleep on him, I know cute. But we're not together or anything. I don't think we are.


I pop up out of my sleep. "Geeez!" I yell. Patrick. I forgot about Patrick. I have to now cancel on him. I can't go on a date with him if I kissed Calum, I mean like me not pulling away. I'm canceling.

Me: hey pat I can't meet u today something came up. Srry maybe another time.

I seen he read it but didn't reply. "Ugh!" I slightly yell. I look at the time it's 9:30, I normally don't wake up this early. I soon realize I'm in a room. It looks like Calums. I get out of the bed. I see pictures of him and a girl they look alike. Like it might be his sister.

I pick the pictures up. "Wow." I whisper. "She's so pretty." I say somewhat silently. "I know right." I heard a voice. It was Calum. "Huh. Sorry."

"No worries." Calum says. "Anyway breakfast?" Calum asks. "Sure." I reply. He hands me his hand. "Gracias." I take it.

A/n: short Ik srry Lolz.

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