•not a Calum fan•

Idea from @Poisonous.Calum


7. .6.

I get to his apartment. It's a pretty nice apartment. I ring his bell. I'm rocking on from my toes to heels, nervous. I don't know why though. He opens the door. "Grace! Come in." He opens wider. I see a girl sitting in the couch, with shorts and a cropped sweater. When I say short i mean 'short'. She was toffee skinned, had purple hair, and a pretty nice body. Perfect hour glass figure. Her boobs weren't to big though they were, like perfect.

"Oh, she's Marley. My roommate." Calum said. Marley looked over a d smiled. She walked up to me, and said. "Hi I'm Marley."

"Grace." Was all I could say. With a smile of course. "Want something?" Marley walked around the island to the kitchen. "Sure." I sit on the stool. "Water?" I nod. Marley hands the cup to me. "What's going on? Why did u need to come to my place?" Marley leaned on the table and listened.

"My mom was judging me. She said that it matter what the outside looks like. Which isn't true!" He nods. "It's not that big of a deal, yea, but that fact that I can't be myself sucks, and I can't take it anymore."

"Well your mom is a jerk." Marley said. I chuckle and nod. "How long do you want to stay?" Calum asked. "It matters how long, Calum? Stay as long as you want Grace." She rolls her eyes. "Anyways, I'm going to bed, night." Marley walked into the room and closed the door.

"I didn't mean it like-" I cut him off. "I know." I got up and went to the couch. Am I being too mysterious? I feel like I am. He soon follows behind. It's pretty silent but, awkward silent. Scream queens was on and, that's my show. "I KNEW IT! Boone you little-"

"I can tell you like this show." Calum laughs. "Yes, I love. One of many." "I've never actually watched this. Can you explain?"

"Why not," I turn towards him. "Ok so.." I told him about it. "So Chad is a tool." I nod and laugh. "On a serious note." He said. "Grace...I like you," I bite my lip. "You might not believe me, but I do." He scoots closer. I can't really say anything. He grabs my face and smashes his lips into mine. Our lips move in sync, literally. You know those sparks I told you about? Yep the feels.

He pulled away and just looked at me. "What?" I finally spoke. "You're beautiful." He smiled. You Clichè little-ugghhhhh. I laugh. "Really funny Calum."

"It's true." He laughs. "Ok, do you know how cliche you sound." I laugh. "Whatever." He sits back in his seat.

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