•not a Calum fan•

Idea from @Poisonous.Calum


6. .5.

"What did you do Grace?" I ask myself. I like him, I don't think so. I put the key into the ignition as soon as I get in.

Even though I have a 'date' tomorrow, I'm still gonna dye my hair. If he doesn't like me with blue hair. It's okay.

I walk into the house. I see the hair dye and bleach sitting on the island counter. I frown my eyebrows. She knows, I mean she was gonna know anyway, but it'll already be done. "Hey, mom." I say sitting my bag down. "What's with the dye?"

"I was gonna dye my hair." I simply stay slowly making my way upstairs. "That's not what I want for you, you need to look professional."

"I. I'm 18 I can do what I want. 2. I'm only 18. Why do I need to look professional?" She crosses her arms. "What if college people come to your school?" She presses. I have no clue what's with my mom. She's getting on my nerves. "Does it matter what I look like on the outside, mom?"

"Yes, it does!" I'm surprised by her answer. I run into my room to pack a bag. I pack, makeup, stuff for my hair, and clothes. I walk quickly downstairs. "Where are you going?" My mom asked me. I don't know why she's pretending like nothing happened. "Nowhere." I keep walking. I get my car keys and leave.

I have no clue where to go. I frantically look through my bag, because Calum gave me his number once. "Found it!" I whisper yell to myself. I type the number in my phone. I press call, he answers in 3 rings. "Hello?" Calum asked on the other line. "Calum? It's Grace. Can I stay with you for a bit?" I ask with a sad tone.

"Grace? Are you ok?" I nod forgetting I'm on the phone. "Yea...yea I'm fine." "412 Iggy Blvd." he said with care in his voice. "See you in 10." I said and hung up.


I don't proof read. So if there's anything that doesn't make sense.

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