•not a Calum fan•

Idea from @Poisonous.Calum


5. .4.

It's the end of the day, im gonna go ahead and talk to this loser. But I'm not going right after. It'll make it look like I like him. Not in a 'I like you' way. More like 'you're my friend' way, but I don't like him in neither.

After the long walk to the back door, I finally got there. I hear sobbing. I open the door. "Calum?" I ask as I see him sitting on the ground. I'm a sucker for criers. I'm kinda astonished by THE Calum hood crying. I sit next to him. "Hey?" I nudge him a little. He looks up at me. I see his cute chubby face red, puffy and red eyes.

"I'm sorry." Is all he made out before he started sobbing again. I nudge him again. He looked up at me. I grab his face and smash my lips onto his. Our lips moved in sync. Believe it or not, I felt sparks when I kissed him. Sounds crazy, even to me.

I pull away, and put my forehead against his. "It's ok." I smile.


Short but meaningful.

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