•not a Calum fan•

Idea from @Poisonous.Calum


4. .3.

Today's Friday, it's the last day of the week. I get into my car at 8:45 in going to be late. I brung extra clothes to change into when I get there.

When i got here I changed into a maroon t shirt dress it was a little fitted. And converse. I left the bathroom. (No dip was I just gonna sit in there) first period.

I was sitting in class this guy named Patrick, passed me a note, and he whispered. "From Calum." I silently scoffed. I just opened the stupid letter. "Thank you." He nodded. It read.

Meet me outside, the back

Of the school at the end of classes. Give me a chance please.


I put note into my pocket and looked up at the teacher.

At the end of first period Patrick called my name. "Grace!" I turn around. "Hey." I smile. "I was wondering if you want to grab some coffee tomorrow?" My eyes widen. "Umm." I chuckle. "It's ok if you-" I cut him off. "Yea, I would love to." I blushed. He kinda hot though, like his olive toned skin, perfect golden eyes. I can go on forever.

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