•not a Calum fan•

Idea from @Poisonous.Calum


2. .1.

I was sitting in class doing what I do best, listen. I feel something hit my on my back. I turn around and I see a piece of balled up paper. I look up to see who threw it. It was Calum and Michael. How I knew that was because that started laughing when I turned around.

I smiled, picked the paper ball up, and through it right back at them. "Grace! You now have detention." Mrs. Lebanon said, matter of fact, yelled. "But?-" "no buts, after class come get the slip." I turn around and see them laughing even harder, silently of course. That's how they didn't get caught but I did.

The bell rang, which means u have to go to Mrs. Lebanon to grab my detention slip. "Talking during, now throwing paper while I'm talking? What has gotten into you?" She says as she writes, then tears my slip. "I don't know." I sigh. "See you later." She says as I leave the classroom. My moms gonna kill me when she finds out. She doesn't care what I have to say, she'll just ground me. Even though I'm 18.

Calum and his friends were waiting for me outside. I scoff. "Don't cry babe." Calum said, knowing that I have detention. "Shut up." I say loud enough so they could hear me. "What you just say?" Calum grabbed my shoulder so I could stop walking. I turned around and looked him right in the eye. "shut. Up." I give a smile and try to walk away, but he keeps pressing. "LEAVE ME ALONE, CANT YOU SEE I DONT WANT TO BE BOTHERED BY ANY OF YOU."

"Awe babe's hot when she's mad." Calum smirks. I turn around and walk to him, I grab his shirt to bring him to my level. "Listen here, Calum, my name is Grace Liza Cooper. Not babe. Ok?" I let go and push him away. I finally got to leave.

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