Front Row

'Babe where were you?'he asked.

'I was right in the Front row.'


3. Three

I called Tamsyn later that day and told her that she needed to come over.Michael and I have been talking to each other nonstop.

"YOO... ELLA! GET DOWN HERE!" Tamsyn yelled from downstairs. I threw my phone on my bed and ran downstairs. "Is it really necessary to yell?"

"With you? Of course." She passed by me into the kitchen probably to get some of last nights leftover pizza.

"You gonna warm up some pizza?"

"Yeah, you want me to warm some up for you?" I nodded walking over to my Ipod.

"Dude what song?" She smiled at me as if I already knew what she was going to say.

"Car radio." We both said at the same time. This was our jam we know every word to it.

We danced around the house while we were waiting for the pizza to finish heating up.

"Hold on Tam I'll be right back!" I ran upstairs and checked my phone to see a few messages from Michael.

The last one caught my attention.

'You live in South Africa, right? I have a surprise.'

'Were coming there next month.'

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