Definition of friendship

One day, Trelane goes venturing out traveling from reality to reality. Until he sees one he does not like. Christopher Wallis, a private investigatior,had just lost his grandfather and was burning his Star Trek books. Every. single. one. He hated them. Why? His grandfather was ever-so-engrossed in those books.

Trelane wanted friendship.

Wallis wanted family.
started: 11.10.2015.


13. questions about a ensign member

. . . Briefing room. . . June 1st. . .

. . .5:49 PM. . .

The gray room lacked any flavor. The floor color matched the wall. Across from Uhura is a machine at the very right end side of the table with four screens, and across from it is apparently a check register of some kind. There was a elongated long table with several chairs around it (which is where I sat). I walked into the room seeing their eyes were on me.

I came to the far end of the table.

"Let's be frank,Wallis," Kirk said. "Trelane just doesn't pay attention to one human being and overreact because he didn't know him."

"I agree with the captain," Spock said. "His reaction was fearful, scared, and concerned for you. Much like a person who's seen their friend appearing to be in distress."

"Captain . . .  we are not friends." I said.

The rest of the crew members did not seem to be phased by the truth.

"You have known Trelane since you got board this ship and know what he is," Kirk said. "Whatever game he is playing I am not buying it and I need to be given proof that you are not acquainted with this godly entity." He leaned forward putting his hands on the table in a ball. "I can't be sure if you are what he is."

"But I am not," I protested. "I do not even like him! Would a godly being bleed after landing on the floor after accidentally  tripping?"

In the next second I felt sick to my stomach. I looked down toward my free trembling hands that seemed to be peeling off old skin. My whole world froze. Was I become a person with that lizard skin disability? I looked back  up seeing McCoy noting "You never know what godly beings can conjure up. He has the skin of a human and looks absolutely like one." I could see the image of Trelane in my mind coming from everyone. I started to feel something coming up my throat.

"Ex . .  ." I stood up composing myself. "Excuse me."

I turned around from the group hoping I could make it to the restroom. Sadly. I did not.  I vomited what I had eaten for lunch then crash landed to my side on the floor feeling a heavy weight binding me to the floor, I turned over hearing panicked voices. My vision turned green similar to the slime from the goosebumps episodes made in the 21st century. My heart was racing. I couldn't get up. I suddenly felt a inclination to fall asleep.  All in two minutes. 

Just like  that, I was out.

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