Definition of friendship

One day, Trelane goes venturing out traveling from reality to reality. Until he sees one he does not like. Christopher Wallis, a private investigatior,had just lost his grandfather and was burning his Star Trek books. Every. single. one. He hated them. Why? His grandfather was ever-so-engrossed in those books.

Trelane wanted friendship.

Wallis wanted family.
started: 11.10.2015.


14. In the pillar of darkness

. . . June 2nd. . .

. . . 2266. . . Enterprise. . .Sick Bay.

Utter darkness.

Though I could still hear.

"What's happening to him, Bones?" Kirk asked.

"He is becoming a Castophian,"  McCoy said. "His internal organs are reorganizing. Thank god Wallis is not conscious. Jim, I see no signs that this man is really something else. I've checked thoroughly: scanned, probed for any machines on or inside him, and had checked his bio registry. Even with the transformation he is undergoing this is a human being!"

"If he were awake, this transformation . . ." Kirk said.

"Would have been very painful,Jim." McCoy said. "You have to apologize to the boy when he wakes up."

"But how do you apologize to someone who lied about knowing a entity?" Kirk asked.

McCoy paused.

"Jim . . . that is not my place," McCoy said. "You are the captain of this ship."

The two walked away from me.

Now that I get to say it, their footsteps have distinctive differences: Kirk had a confident stride that was slow but flawless. McCoy's stride was more of a 'casual' walker where they have a slow pace. I know this because in my PI days when hiding from the owners of a house, warehouse, and bad guys I usually hide in a dark secluded place where no one bothered to look in. My hearing has been relied on those occasions. Relying on my hearing has actually improved it. It is a skill I have relied on for telling apart the threats. The first time around . . . Nearly got killed by some drug handlers.

I heard the two greet Spock then they departed the room.

Obviously I have shaken the trust of Captain Kirk.

Perhaps even broke it.

I wonder how they saw me land on the floor in the beginning.

I heard Spock's steady bootsteps come to a stop.

"It just occurred to me that you consider Mr Wallis as a acquaintance." Spock said. "Trelane."

 I heard a sigh.

"How did you know?" Came Trelane's voice.

"You were very guilty starting from the moment you looked at Mr Wallis," Spock said. "Since you are overwhelmed with guilt you would logically visit the one you had put into danger. Logically this means you had a part in Mr Wallis being assigned to this ship. You view yourself as a guilty friend. Why did you assign him here?"

"A lesson, Spock," Trelane said, his voice shaky. "I had a talk with the judges and they removed the evolutionary power sequence from his DNA." There was a low sigh from the entity. "But  what cannot be undone is his transformation in this . . . universe."

The last part came out a whisper.

"How do you expect the captain to forgive him for lying about knowing you?"  Spock asked.

There was silence.

"'If he is to be in this universe, you must tell me where he is from." Spock said.

Trelane walked over.

"I am afraid I cannot do that, " Trelane said. "Not part of the game rules."

"Then what do you expect him to do?" Spock asked.

"I don't expect him to do anything. I just expect him to accept my apology for not influencing this timeline and prevent it from going to the Casto Three planet."

"It sounds like you would have had his six if you knew." Spock said.

"I consider him more than a toy," Trelane said. "I am trying to make friends. Can I just have that? I don't want to become like my father who lacks friends."

"If you want to have friends,Trelane," Spock said. "You cannot force them out of their universe for a game. You should get to know them and be there for them when they need a friend to talk to. Humans have strange ways of expressing comfort and reassurance . . . As I have learned, they are a fascinating species. I am even friends with many."

"That's because you a mortal," Trelane said, in a whining type of voice. "I am immortal."

I heard a snap of fingers and Trelane's voice was no more.


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