Definition of friendship

One day, Trelane goes venturing out traveling from reality to reality. Until he sees one he does not like. Christopher Wallis, a private investigatior,had just lost his grandfather and was burning his Star Trek books. Every. single. one. He hated them. Why? His grandfather was ever-so-engrossed in those books.

Trelane wanted friendship.

Wallis wanted family.
started: 11.10.2015.


15. I need a hand

. . . 2266.  . .

. . . June 3rd.  . . 

I was still in the pillar of darkness. I could feel pain in my legs. There are three words  I prefer to associate it with on the scale of pain: twisting, ugly, and blistering. I was very much afraid, not that I have never been afraid.  I could still get pictures from other people's minds. Some of the images were cups of water, a image of me on the bed apparently undergoing a gradual change featuring my skin changing colors (Which was from Robin. That I knew because of the attached sad feeling that was overwhelming.), and another of a smoothie. I didn't have the stomach to eat nor could I get up right and request for a drink to satisfy my drought.

"He is being transferred to a science vessel,Nurse." McCoy said.

So not only am I out, but I can feel pain in my legs and hear conversations.

"Oh." The nurse said.

I then could hear the sound of wheels moving.

Was I on a gurney?

I thought this era was so technologically superior than mine!  Well, not really. That was sarcasm. Gurneys in my era have evolved to a different version of the hoverboard that still need to be handled by people. It is anti-gravity fueled I believe. I just know that much about it including it is state of the art technology. The wheels were creating friction against the floor making a audible low screech.

God, does it hurt to have excellent hearing.

Suddenly I could sense a strong,yet powerful presence nearby.

I saw a picture of myself in my head slowly being reconfigured. My skin was a dull shade of green. My once Caucasian skin that lacked any sort of differences were decorated in seemingly scales. At least there was change in the sad image of myself. I could feel guilt. Now,  I am no empath but this image has a attached feeling.

My right hand shot up then grabbed onto a wrist alongside the rail (the rail is very cold to the touch).

"Doctor, why is his hand like that?" The Nurse asked.

"He is likely having a bad dream." McCoy noted.

It wasn't your fault, idiot, I thought, It was mine.

Then I heard a voice belonging to  Trelane come into my head.

Oh yes it is!, Trelane insisted, Don't argue with me. Just is!

No, it wasn't, I thought.

Let go of my hand, human, Trelane thought back.

No, I thought, I won't.

You can't hold on forever, Trelane noted.

I can hold on long as I can, I related back, A man's grasp is more sturdier when he is afraid.

At first there was a extensive silence.

I give it five minutes to be exact.

. . .You are  scared?, Trelane finally asked.

I don't know what a Science Vessel is, I replied, nor am I sure if I am going to be okay or not. I don't know what my future is! I don't like being afraid and unsure! That is just not my style. Like when am I going to be able to be see?

I felt a hand place itself on my shoulder, reassuringly.

You lived in a era that was a constant hell, Trelane reminded me, in my humble opinion. It reminds me a lot of the movie 'The Watchmen' except without all that gorey scenes. I could visualize  Trelane shuddering, strangely, when I didn't know him that well. Being afraid is your weapon. Your greatest weapon. It forces you to do things you normally would not do. So for here on out: I can reassure you that life will be hell for the rest of your stay.

That's because I knew my environment and grew up in that universe, I replied, Not this!

Trelane took his hand off my shoulder.

Oh grow a backbone, Trelane replied, this universe is not all utopia! In fact it is a lot like your universe!

MY UNIVERSE DOES NOT HAVE STARSHIPS!, I shouted back strongly this time letting go of Trelane's wrist.

You've given me bruises!, Trelane complained, I never get bruises!  Bad Chris! Bad Chris!

If I were in a lighter mood then I would have laughed.

I didn't even grab your wrist that hard, I noted, you should get out more . . . Pale god!

Hey!, Trelane snapped back, I am not pale!

I recalled the ending of the novel Q-squared that my grandfather read to me.

How did you get out of time-loop?, I asked.

Depends which one you are talking about, Trelane said.

THE BOOK, DAMN IT!, I stressed.

Oh, that. It never happened. I could imagine Trelane flicking away a small galaxy using his fingers.  Just human madness.

Trelane, you were utterly defensive about the book, I pointed out,stop lying.

This would be a appropriate time for Trelane to sigh.

Which Trelane did.

My other father dealt with the other me, Trelane replied, I don't know what happened but I never seen that dark dressed me ever since.

. . . . Your. . . .other. . . father? It was quite shocking to hear it from Trelane. Are your parents gay or something?

WHY OF COURSE NOT!, Trelane fumed.

In my mind came a asteroid crash landing into the planet Earth.

Then why did you refer to him as your other father?, I asked.

Because he isn't my father, Trelane replied quite simply.

I am confused, I replied.

It is simple, really, just to cover up my true heritage until I was old enough. .  . Trelane started to explain. If my heritage were told when I was just a baby then everyone would have looked at me differently and so I would get the biased reputation of my father. However, I was given the chance to make my own reputation!

Reputation. . .  I repeated.

Yes, reputation.  I could visualize Trelane nodding. Do I need to repeat myself?

I visualized a big fat 'no' to Trelane.

I am not afraid anymore, so take your idiot hand with you and your continuum politics. I replied in a cool and icely manner. Reputation sounds a lot like political money when you say it.

Reputation. . . Political money. . . Trelane repeated. I don't see the connective tissue between the two.

Conversing with Trelane has helped me not think about the pain I am experiencing.

My hand fell down to my side off the cold slick metal rail.

The gurney was placed onto a transporter pad. That I knew because of the wheels trembling against the stairs. It is also the occasion where Trelane's presence vanished into thin air. I heard the sound of what apparently is beaming. It was melodical, smooth, cheery, and sounded a lot like someone skillfully played a piano. It occurred to me before I fell asleep that I was no longer on the Enterprise.

The last I could feel was the pain in my legs.

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