Definition of friendship

One day, Trelane goes venturing out traveling from reality to reality. Until he sees one he does not like. Christopher Wallis, a private investigatior,had just lost his grandfather and was burning his Star Trek books. Every. single. one. He hated them. Why? His grandfather was ever-so-engrossed in those books.

Trelane wanted friendship.

Wallis wanted family.
started: 11.10.2015.


12. Coming across the godly being,again

. . . July 1st,2266. . .

It has been two weeks and three days since my arrival into the world of Star Trek. It has been three days since being rescued from these mad evolving sea based humanoid creatures. Robin asked much about them after our first encounter in a week.  She jotted down some of my replies on what seemed to be a ipad but it wasn't an ipad. She referred to it as a Padd. You know, like the thing that woman use on their cycle except there isn't two 'd's in the word..

Now I got ugly thoughts about the whole word 'Padd'.

Every time I used a padd I tried to discard the thought of a woman's pad package seen on the shelf.

One time I went off a case just by following the remains of pad's in a trash can to find a lost sixteen year old girl who went from friends house to friends house (They were all boys, didn't have moms and sisters) away from her abusive parents who did the horrible deeds. I promised her, after a week of chasing, that I wouldn't take the girl to her family. Instead, I would fake her death. I only knew she was being serious because of the wounds that I found which were still healing. She generally was scared about going home. She had bruises on her shoulders, scratches on her knees, and more than once did she get used by her father. I got a Jane Doe's body (who I learned was a homeless sixteen year old girl without family to care about her) who was burned beyond recognition then delivered the bad news to the parents. They wailed, they cried, and acted so sad.

At least the homeless girl was mourned by some-one and buried properly.

You see, that family was a rich one and if I brought her back then the girl would have been dead in a day after telling them they are going to court. That's how life works. Rich people get rid of their own family members so they won't lose out on money, time, and life. I hate these kind of cases because I can't always help them. The first time I came across a case like that, the kid was dead one day later found hanging from the fan even though they had self defensive wounds the case was declared a suicide. I was a PI so I felt obligated to investigate by sending the skin samples and evidence to a local DNA testing lab.

Came back with the father being the killer.

He had scars along his arms.

Sometimes those cases, there was no evidence to tie anyone to the victim's death.

Cut throat clean.

Clean as a whistle.


. . 2:48 PM. . .

There was a planet. A random planet that popped up. So random some of the crew were puzzled and some were not surprised. I heard a story about this planet featuring a guy named Trelane harassing the captain and the bridge crew who didn't have temperature in the fireplace, taste for the food, and generally anything that made it seem realistic.

There was a distress call coming from the planet.

The captain decided to go with Spock, McCoy, himself, me,and ensign Johnny Pavo. 

The planet became clear to my eyes.

"This is Gothos all right." McCoy said, wary.

I look over hearing rustling in the bushes.

"Team, split up," Kirk said. "We must find the survivors."

So that's what we did.

There was a unusual kind of fern all over the place, including a large victorian gray castle, there was not a sign of a starship in sight.

No scrap metal. 

No bodies.

Nothing of the sorts that indicated human life once flourished here. 

The trees, branches, and fallen leaves were a mess for my shoes to trudge through. It reminded me of a never ending forest. I got my shirt caught up with a branch then manage to unhook myself. I continued my search in the fall leaf foliage scenery seen on Earth. But it was summer not fall! This planet must have a screwed up moon orbit or a strange seasonal changing. The leafs were a yellowish tint reminding me of gold contrasting against the blue sky that overtime changed to green. I thought at first there was going to be a tornado but I saw no cloud funnel to be my evidence. I went further and further away from the castle until I came to a clearing. saw a couple trees seen from Africa, patches of brown dirt, and flowers. I approached one flower and smelled it.

There wasn't a smell.

"How peculiar."  I said, standing up right. 

I had been searching for two straight hours.

In a white flash appeared the others who seemed to be fazed and stunned. The captain appeared as though he had been in a fight. The only one missing from the group was Spock. I looked over to Pavo who had his shirt torn at the shoulder and at both elbows the red sleeve was torn.

It became apparent Pavo and Kirk had engaged in a fight.

. . . But why?

"Trelane!" Kirk shouted. "Stop what you are doing with your games, we are through with it!" He sounded very pissed off. "Give back my first officer!"

In a white flash Trelane appeared leaning to his side using a stick and alongside appeared Spock sitting at a table sipping what seemed to be tea. I could smell the unusual aroma coming off it. Spock lowered the tea cup, then said "It tastes better than how it smells, Captain."

"It was a welcome party." Trelane said.

"What kind of welcome party involves turning against each other!" Kirk shouted.

Trelane smirked looking over to me, then his attitude changed.

His eyes widened, his mouth fell open, and his skin turned white.

"Why does this human look as though he is from the future?" Trelane asked, regaining his composure. His skin returned to its usual color.  "He is not supposed to be this way!" I got a picture of a volcano erupting (Which I guess might be from Kirk as he is pissed off) and then I got another image of a universe exploding: utter catastrophy. I assume that is Trelane's thoughts. "Oh my. . ."

Several images of question marks appeared in my head.

I am pretty sure that is coming from everyone.

"There is nothing wrong with him." McCoy said.

"If something is wrong with me, Mr so-called-idiot," I said. "Why don't you fix it?"

Trelane fumed.

"I can't fix it because he was meddled upon by the  Castophians!" Trelane did a strange gesture giving Pavo and Kirk both repaired Star Fleet uniforms. I realized then his gaze was stuck on me. "If you die . . . I am afraid whatever future you had is not going to be the natural one. I can't go back in time to fix it. This is a mess! Only Judges can take away this power!" He was panicking at this point. "I must take this to the judges! It has to be undone. This shouldn't be happening to you."

Trelane vanished in a white flash.

Kirk looked over to me as did Spock.

Spock now stood upright and the chair and the table vanished.

"Trelane acted like he knew you," Kirk said. "Do you know what he is?"

"No," I said, honestly. "And this is the first time I met him."

Kirk took out his communicator.

"Kirk to Enterprise," Kirk said. "Beam us up, Scotty."

"Ay, captain." Scotty said.

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