Definition of friendship

One day, Trelane goes venturing out traveling from reality to reality. Until he sees one he does not like. Christopher Wallis, a private investigatior,had just lost his grandfather and was burning his Star Trek books. Every. single. one. He hated them. Why? His grandfather was ever-so-engrossed in those books.

Trelane wanted friendship.

Wallis wanted family.
started: 11.10.2015.


21. A huge epilogue that skips a period of time

"Why,hello there,how's it going losing everyone you cared most deeply to a fire?"

Being half alien means incredible strength and a lack of speaking.

'YOU!' I mentally screamed reaching my hands out toward Trelane.

The year was currently 2305.

I had spent the better part of my existence redeeming myself taking care of a aging Admiral Vorn. We didn't need to speak with one another to get across what we needed or wanted to say, we could see it in each others eyes. You see in 2272 the captain and I were stranded on a planet that allowed him to see my real form. Needless to say Wilson got pissed off later that he looked better than me and round up being murdered by the natives during our escape.

Arrow to the forehead.

In those ten long years that passed I got to know Trelane a little more better than I had. Trelane didn't tell me what he was so I respected his privacy. Maybe, perhaps, we developed a little friendship. Enough to share information that hit him hard. One day Trelane came into my quarters, his hands on his face,sitting down in a chair,his cheeks stained by tears, and his eyes red. I was confused why he was so sad.

Two weeks later I learned that Trelane witnessed the death of his father.

An event of his father's future and a event in his past.  That's what he explained it as.  But it still hurt him.  It pained him to know his father had died in a manner he refused to talk about as though it would disgust me. I saw Trelane mature over the years into a rather unique man, true, he did pay ten visits to us (but maybe a little over a thousand visits to me) of the crew.

His father was still out there, making his life personal history, and his death hadn't happened.


Trelane stepped to the side missing me by little over a inch.

"It is about time I get on track with this lesson," Trelane said, his tone different to the one he usually spoke in. "Take comfort that they died by smoke inhalation and not being burned to death!"

I heaved myself up.

'You bastard!' I replied, in rage. 'You are still pissed off over those books I burned!'

Trelane shook his head.

"I am teaching you a life lesson," Trelane said, looking over to the house flaming in and out. "A life lesson that you should appreciate." He laid his gaze on me. "You have entirely missed the point of living in this life."

'Oh really, what's the point?'

"Hate gets you no-where."

"Huh, why didn't you tell me before?" I heard my own voice.

"Try to remember the death of Wilson."

I gasped.

"I can speak."

"Oh, I know,have been able for the past hour."

And I simply exploded.


"WILSON DIED BECAUSE HE HATED YOU AND HE WAS TRYING TO LURE THE NATIVES TO YOU WHILE THE CAPTAIN WAS OUT IN THE CAVE. SO YES! I AM PROVING THE POINT THAT IF YOU BURN EVERYTHING THEN YOU BURN LIFE. YOU HAVE BURNED YOUR OWN FAMILY, IN THIS WORLD, BECAUSE OF YOUR HATE. HATE KILLS, CHRIS!" Trelane shook his fist at me in anger. "You were in a fan fiction novel set in the past where Mirror Captain Kirk and Mirror Commander Spock were flung into this universe,struggled to adapt, became a family, and in all that time they learned they didn't need to assassinate each other to climb up the ranks. They didn't need to hate everyone because of what and who they were! At the end in 2293, as old men, they went home! To their universe."

"And what does that have to do with me?" I asked.

Trelane sighed, in frustration.

"I am trying to help you, you little stubborn fool who does not dare to talk bout his sexuality! You know that you CAN come out of that closet!" Trelane pointed out in my direction. "Your grandfather loved you. More dearly than those books. He used them as his crutch, and you? You were his reason to live another day." His hands curled up and I could see a golden graduation ring  with a red gem on his finger. "You know what. . . IT'S YOUR FAULT HE DIED. YOU WEREN'T THERE FOR HIS FINAL DAYS. YOU WERE ESTRANGED. HE COULD HAVE SAID TO YOU THAT HE LOVED YOU TO YOUR FACE BUT NO, YOU HAD BETTER BUSINESS TO DO BY PRETENDING TO BE 'BUSY' THAT DAY. HE SAID TO THIN AIR 'I love you,Chris' AND DO YOU KNOW HOW HEARTBREAKING THAT IS? HE COULD HAVE LIVED FOR ANOTHER DECADE, BOY! YOU BROKE HIS HEART."

I stepped back, trembling.

The words were daggers to me.

"No, he didn't." I said.

"Oh, yes, the hell he did. I visited him before I visited you. You treated your grandfather worse than I treat mine," Trelane lowered his hand. "Now let me show you something that else that comes out of this universe."

Trelane flipped his hand. 

We reappeared in a bridge that was different and everyone was frozen in time.

"Look," Trelane gestured over. "There is a good chance history, in your world, could become similar to The Federation." I saw a golden tinted man sitting in a chair in front of a LED screen and his fingers were seemingly heading to one option. There was also a empty chair in between a woman with dark eyes and a man with a well trimmed beard. "Data, android; Deanna Troi, Bestazoid, William Riker, you know who he is. And there," My eyes rested on the figure well described in the novels my grandfather read. "'Worf."

He flipped his hand and everyone vanished.

"I want you to realize there are consequences for burning books. Books bring families together and bring friends as well, you could have sold them online," Trelane said. "You could get a thousand dollars easily from these books!"

"Trelane, that is enough." Came a man's voice.

I saw a man along with the bald guy.

"Father, I am just wrapping this up." Trelne said.

"That is enough," Q said. "You should not have stepped in."

"I am sorry for my friend's intrusion," The bald man said. "Captain Picard. You are Christopher Wallis, I met one of your clones."

Q stepped forward with a dead set serious face approaching Trelane. 

Trelane glared at my direction. 

"You cloned yourself?" It was more of a growl coming from him. 

"I really hope you get whatever comes to you." I said.

Trelane froze time, however, Q was caught up in it somehow.

"That makes total sense," Trelane said. "Let me give you the memories of all the lives you could have lead and I want you to see how fascinating, beautiful, and amazing how life is living in my world."

I was unable to move as Trelane put his hands on the side of my head where sharp hot radiating pain channeled through my mind. I could feel a pain, strong, brutal force that intrusive and invasive. It was most like someone breaking down walls. It was a lot like a Vulcan doing a mind meld. Wait, oh yeah, I have seen scenes in those Star Trek movies where Spock did a mind meld. Then. . . I saw memories. Crystal clear. These memories were not mine. They didn't originate in this universe but they all went in several directions. Many of which showed numerous paths I could have taken in this world: continue to serve the Enterprise, become captain of the Pagemaster, befriended Doctor McCoy, and . . .wait. . .what? I saw a memory of me sleeping with Trelane.




I fell back on the floor in horror staring at the godly being as in my head were memories. So many memories that could only be eased and healed through the passage of time.

"These are the many lives you could have lead, Christopher," Trelane said. "Yes, at one time I did par-take in a relationship with you but it was more so of your insistence that I slept with you and it was fairly odd for me. I still wonder to this day why you bothered picking me!" He appeared to be rather clueless. "Do you see all the lives you have touched? All the ones you have saved in this and all the timelines you have lived? Do you see how they burn because of you? Do you understand that hating a series for being someone's comfort blanket is stupid and you need to get over that?"

I was frozen staring at him.

"I won't allow time to pass unless you answer my question, Mr Wallis."  Trelane said.

"I. . . I understand." I said.

"Good, at least you are not going to have any  Vulcans in your timeline." Trelane flipped his hand.

"Trelane, you are going straight back to the continuum and . . ." Q looked over toward me and his face turned into anger and he turned his head toward Trelane. "HOW DARE YOU MIND RAPE HIM! THAT IS A CRIME UNDER THE CONTINUUM RULES! You have crossed a line, Trelane!"

"Not like you do all the time!" Trelane shouted back.

"Not. like. this." Q looked over toward Picard. "Thank you for bringing my attention to this, Jean-Luc, everyone will be back where they belong shortly." He turned his head toward me. "My sincerest apology." He glared at the direction of his son. "The judges will be having a word with you."


In a white flash I found myself in the chair watching a extinguished firing flamed pile of books staring right back at me. I came down to my knees on the grass and cried into my hands feeling like I had been an idiot. What had I really done? Hate my last living relative away and all those who I befriended. Except. . . Except Charlie Evans. 

I could feel a gentle throb in my head.

I had to go to bed and rest this off.

I found a long tree branch on the ground and used it to help me walk back to the door. I was a mess. I could feel trillions upon trillions of memories, or what felt like it, resting below my skull. I had no idea becoming Trelane's friend would end up with this. I couldn't believe Star Trek lead me down this path. I could feel a barrier between my original memories and my not-of-this-universe memories.

I collapsed to the bed dropping the stick and fell asleep.

Thank god it is all over.

The End.



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