Definition of friendship

One day, Trelane goes venturing out traveling from reality to reality. Until he sees one he does not like. Christopher Wallis, a private investigatior,had just lost his grandfather and was burning his Star Trek books. Every. single. one. He hated them. Why? His grandfather was ever-so-engrossed in those books.

Trelane wanted friendship.

Wallis wanted family.
started: 11.10.2015.


18. A change of scenery

I awoke somewhere unfamiliar.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome!" Get a quickly worded man.

I looked over to see a unusual man with black and white hair, he was short,and he had a white lab coat along with brown googles. I raised a eyebrow then get off the table that is a lot like a long cold bed lacking bed sheets as it is metal underneath. Flat metal.  My legs were off balanced and I fell to my knees. My hands landed first on the ground to break my fall. Wait. Why are they not a bluish-green? I held my hands up looking at them puzzled.

They were Caucasian.

"Sorry," The odd man said. "You are very new to this world. . .My name is Zecklini Devruoa."

"Captain. . ." I said. "Captain."

"Oh um," Zecklini said. "Captain is not here, sorry boy, you stuck with me."

I stood up, furious, my hands clenched into fists.

"Christopher Wallis." I said.

"Don't force yourself to speak so many words, Mr Wallis. It will take some time getting to speak."

"Unconstitutional." I said.

"What is?" Zecklini asked, puzzled.

"Here." I said.

"Being stuck is not infringing on your rights." Zecklini said.

I growled which sounded lizard like than not.

What the hell happened?

I stood up closing my eyes focusing on my memory.

"Don't meditate on me!" Zecklini said. "You must observe around your surroundings."

I focused and focused. Eventually all the words coming from Zecklini were turned into silence. I was back aboard the USS Pagemaster walking down the hallway. I could clearly register that I was very unsure and very concerned about this planet. Mostly worried. It had popped in and out of the radar far as I was told by a fellow crew member being Wilson. It was like it didn't exist for a minute there.

I walked in through the doors into the transporter room.

For a moment there I thought I was on the  Enterprise and everyone was not where they were supposed to be.

Panic, fear, and then realization all in the matter of seconds.

"Hello,Wallis!" Captain Vorn greeted me.

I had a short nod toward  the captain then approached the transporter.

The science officer is Robert Bell Thorne.

"Oh, so . . ." Thorne stared at me. "That's quite. . unusual. . . for a unnatural man."

I raised a brow at Thorne, puzzled, then lowered it.

I am a natural man turned alien.

Specifically a Castrophian.

"He will be occupying us to find a warp based civilization," Vorn said. "Which has stopped contact. We will be going into the city first."

"Are they going to scream at him?" Thorn asked, concerned.

Thorn had the image of people fleeing.

And then I saw in my mind the image of a scary beast.

"I am pretty sure if we have any threats coming up,  they will faint at his fierce and intimidating appearance," Wilson said,resting his back alongside the door. "Like how the townspeople reacted to Belle's boyfriend the beast."

"Commander, you will be staying," Vorn said. "And you must not insult your way to be Wallis's enemy, as I said before, he needs a blank slate aboard this ship."

And then my eyes were opened by the sudden sensation of being injected by a needle.

"This is the first time you've resorted to your genetic memory," Zecklini said, as he squirted out the needle with a frown. "This is for your own good."

And then I collapsed to the floor face first.

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