Best Enemies

Rose & Morgan were best friends, until one fateful day a tragic accident tears them apart...forever? How will Rose live with her new enemy and will she ever regain Morgan's friendship?



1. Geography Project

Rose Messenger-Smith was worried. She had an important Geography project due in two days and her best friend, Morgan Toole, was meant to be doing it with her, but so far Morgan had only collapsed onto the couch and spoken a total of three words since she arrived.

"Morgan! What are you doing? Come on! We've got to work!" she urged, pushing Morgan's arm lightly.

"Noooo....can't be bothered..."

"It's due in on Monday. We have less than 2 hours to complete it!"


"Why? Do you want a detention?"

"Uggh." Morgan dragged herself onto the floor next to her friend. "So what do we do?"

"The brief says is to make a collage on African culture. We need to find pictures and stuff."

Rose got up and logged in to her laptop, quickly searching for images.

african culture


culture in africa

african people

african music

"There's no interesting pictures!" complained Morgan.

"Not my fault." Rose printed out the best ones.

"What do we stick them on?"

In answer, Rose reached behind her desk and pulled out a large sheet of cardboard.



"I have glue somewhere too....let me just-" She rooted through her pencil case."Now where is it?"


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