The fear of the truth

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  • Published: 10 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 10 Nov 2015
  • Status: Complete
A poem about fears wrecking more than reality.


1. The fear of the truth

People told me that life is a roller coaster. It got ups and downs.

Somehow I managed to take a slide down, deeper and deeper into the fear of the world.

I was dragged down into the darkness in my own mind.

One day I got up. Managed to seem well while I was broken.

The sadness fell into oblivion. To the many I was healed, I was well.

But on the inside I was unprocessed.

Like I had lost someone but wasn't allowed to care.

The fear of falling again terrified me to the point where I tripped and fell.

I was lost but no one seemed to notice.

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