The Allen

This story is about the Allen Family


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The Allen story


The Allen family.

This story is about two people falling in love and starting a life together.

These things are happening to prove that two people that don’t like each other in the beginning, can later in life fall in love and live a happy life together.

The story takes place California in America 2013 summer.


Nora Allen sits on a couch and she is reading a book while she thinks about the time where she and Henry met. 10 years ago when she was in the park with her friends, was the first time she met Henry. He was the popular boy in college and Nora was the one who never spoke up, but one day Henry came up to Nora and asked Nora if she could tutor him, because Nora was number one in everything and he was not of course.  

Nora told Henry no, because Nora doesn't like Henry therefore Nora doesn’t want to tutor Henry, but Henry convinced Nora to do it anyway. Then on the first day of tutoring. We studied maths and chemistry Henry was pretty good, but sometimes he didn’t understand what Nora was saying. Nora was tutoring Henry for more than month and then Nora found out she had feelings for Henry but didn’t know what to do about it. One day after  a tutoring lesson, Henry came up to Nora and asked her out on a date and Nora of course yes. After college they went to university together. After they graduated from university, Henry proposed for marriage and Nora said yes happily. A year went by where they got their first child, they named her Mary Allen. Two years later Nora gave birth to a boy which they named Barry Allen. A couple of years later Nora gave birth to their last child, who they named Iris Allen.  


They brought their first house near the ocean side. They have a big yard where the kids can play. They lived there for their rest of their life.  

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