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3. You Take Care of Him

You Take Care of Him


Luke: You and Luke have been friends forever. This wasn't the first time you'd found him passed out on the floor. Luke had a tendency to drink too much and leave a mess where he was. You weren't sure why he drank so much, but you never pushed. Afraid you'd be annoying and create a drift between the two of you. Something you didn't want, mainly because you were in love with him. 

As you lift him up from under his arms, you begin the long and strenuous task of dragging him to the sofa. It's where he spent most of his nights. You begin to hear him groan in response and huff in return. The back of your knees hit the sofa, sending you falling into the cushion. Luke falls with you, his head landing in your lap and his lower half still on the floor. As you attempt to get the rest of him onto the sofa from your sitting position, he mumbles in his drunken state.


"What're you doing?" His eyes aren't open but you know he's talking to you.

"Trying to help you." You state with a huff as you pull him up again. His legs plop over the arm of the couch, sending the lamp on the table next to it; to the floor. 



The sound jolts Luke awake. His eyes are wide and searching, you stare back at him bewildered. Once he sees the light, broken on the floor he groans and runs his hand through his hair. Without hesitation he falls into your lap once more, groaning as he leaves his hand on his forehead.


"How much did you drink tonight?" You ask hesitantly. He swallows and without opening his eyes, says

"Lost count." So it would be one of those nights.

"Why do you do this?" He asks with a slur. You smile to yourself and remove his hand while you massage his scalp.



Soon all you hear is his breathing and you think he may have fallen asleep. Not leaving his face you say

"Because I love you." in a soft whisper. From the dim lighting of the hallway, you see his baby blue eyes open and stare directly at you. Bringing your hand down his face slowly, you run your finger across his lip ring as he says

"I love you too." Before his head rises and your lips meet. His hand grasps onto your hair, pulling you deeper into him as you kiss. You can feel his breath on your cheek as he opens his mouth once more. Your tongue enters his mouth and he moans in response, making you whimper in reply. Somehow everything didn't matter anymore. You were too wrapped up in this moment happening before you.


But you wondered if he would remember this tomorrow. You wondered if he knew you were you. Scared to ask you continued to kiss him but they became harder and full of need on your end. Because somewhere inside you knew that this would be forgotten in the morning. Luke pulls away from you and kisses your forehead softly as he says

"Always have, Y/N." Almost as though he had been reading your mind all along.


Ashton: You and Ashton had recently gotten married. Everything was the greatest it had ever been between you two. Things with his band were getting bigger and since you just started working you were even happier, knowing Ashton wouldn't have to pay for everything anymore.

Ash and the guys had taken to the streets and instead of joining them, you decided to take their stage hand shopping. Together you searched the stores grabbing everything you knew Ash would need for his upcoming shows. Drumsticks, new drum kit, and even some new clothes to wear. You couldn't wait to see Ash's face when he saw what you had bought for him.


"I can't believe you did this." Ash says, staring with wide eyes at the new drum kit in front of him. With a huge grin you squeal lightly before engulfing him in a hug.

"You like it right?" You ask, distancing yourself from him to look up at him. He laughs in response and returns the big hug.

"I love it." He says, placing a kiss on your temple.

Smiling you hug him tighter before pulling him toward the bathroom to try on his new clothes. As he modeled them for you, you couldn't help but to steal kisses in between snapping photos of him. After all, technically you still had your high from the honeymoon. 


"You do realize I won't be able to wear some of this on stage right?" He asks, laying in bed with you.

"I know. You'll get too sweaty. But they still get to see the light of day in between shows." You say, kissing his nose. He giggles in response before holding you to him.

"How were you able to pull all of this off?" He asks, playing with the seam on your shirt. You can feel his fingertips brush against your hip as he does this.

"It's called a paycheck." You tease, running your fingers along his bottom lip.


"I'd marry you if we weren't married already." He says while sighing into your hair. Smiling you say,

"I love you, Mr. Irwin." He smiles in response bringing your chin up before saying,

"I love you too, Mrs. Y/L/N-Irwin." And kissing your lips, as you both fall into the routines you became familiar with on your honeymoon.



Calum: Today had been a bad day for Calum. The fans seemed to completely block him out as they swarmed their favorites. He had become a void in the line up and it felt as though his existence had been wiped from the earth. You as his fiance had become used to days like today. Thankfully they didn't happen often but they did happen and when they did, you knew what needed to be done.


"I can't do this anymore." He says with an aggravation in his tone. You sat in front of him resting your hand that adorned your sparkly ring, atop his and squeezing lightly.

"You don't mean that." You assure him with a small smile. He scoffs at you before tossing your hand to the side and walking over to the window of his hotel room. You sighed in response watching him put his hands in his pockets while staring off in the distance.


Today must've been really bad for him to be so upset. Slowly you walk over to him and lay your back against the wide window, staring off at the room in front of you. He shakes his head at you saying,

"You know you're supposed to look out the window, right?" Teasingly. You smile in response replying,

"Nah. I like the view from here better. I mean where out there, are you going to see cracks in the ceiling and carpeted floors?" You tease back in a smirk.


He gives a small smile and lets out a sigh. You reach your hand out to him and wait for him to reach across the small distance remaining. Hesitantly he holds your hand leans against the window with you. 

"You know I still see you right?" You ask, looking up at him. He nods in response and clears his throat while looking up at the cloudy sky above you. 

"You know I still need you, right?" He asks, looking down at you. Smiling in response you nod before walking the small distance between you and wrapping your arms around his neck. 


Holding you to him he breathes in deeply and kisses the top of your head. 

"You're not invisible to me. Nor are you alone in this world. I would fade into nothing if I didn't have you." You whisper into his ear. With every word you feel his breathing become shaky and his arms wrap tighter around you. 

"I love you, Y/N." He says with a broken voice.

"I love you more Calum." You reply, standing on your tiptoes and kissing his temple.


Michael:  Michael has been sick with the flu for the past few days. Him and his band had a small break before their next show so he flew you out to see him. Upon your arrival is when you discovered he was sick. The poor thing has been in and out of the bathroom nonstop. The guys brought in a doctor who's prescribed him with the appropriate medicine and he still won't let you see him.

So you take it upon yourself to sneak into his room when the guys leave and visit. Stepping inside you see your boyfriend of seven months, curled in a ball under his covers, shirtless and sniffling away. The site almost makes you cry as you've never seen him like this and he looks miserable.



"Babe?" He asks, staring at you near the doorway.

"Mikey. You look worse than when I first arrived." You admit, closing the door and walking over to him.

"No! Don't come any closer. I don't wanna get you sick." He shouts before the coughing comes on full force. You place the bag you brought with you down and sit next to him on his bed.

"Oh sweetheart." You coo, running your hand over his forehead. With your other hand, you rest the back of it on your forehead. His fever isn't too high, but he definitely has one.



Leaning over him, you open the bag you brought and take out a small container.

"If you take this, I'll let you have this and if you need more I'll get you more, on the hour, every hour if you demand." You offer, opening the small container. With wide eyes he stares at the contents asking,

"Is that?" You nod in response. Without hesitation he swallows down the massive pill and after setting down his water bottle, he grabs the container from you. Diving straight in he chugs it straight from the styrofoam cup.

"Nando's chicken soup. Your favorite." You say with a smile. All you get is a thumbs up as he finishes the contents. You laugh as he didn't eat it with the spoon you had handy. 

"Best fucking soup ever." He says while wiping away the juice from his mouth. 


You spend the rest of the day snuggled next to him. His arm draped around you as you listen to his breathing while he sleeps. You stare at the several empty styrofoam containers on his side of the bed. Along with the already half empty box of kleenex you brought as well. 


"I don't deserve you, ya know." He says with a raspy voice. You look up at him, setting yourself up on your elbow. You watch his bright green eyes focus on your face. With a smirk you reply,

"Probably not. But I haven't gone anywhere yet and I don't plan on leaving any time soon. So you're obviously doing something right. " You tease, leaning into him. He gives a smirk in return saying

"You little sh-" Before you giggle, interrupting him with a kiss on the lips.

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