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4. When You Break Up/Make Up - Luke

When You Break Up/Make Up



Luke: You and Luke had been dating for so long it didn't even faze you anymore. It just seemed like you always would be together. But as the years pass you notice that the band's fame is rising rapidly. Luke especially. You realize that with you two separated for such long periods of time, he could learn to love someone else. Someone who could be around all the time. Someone who was far more interesting and beautiful than you ever could be. With a vice-like grip around your heart, you end it.


Months later you're watching interviews online about the guys. Lord save you, you still can't seem to let him or his friends go. Even though it pains you to see him living life without you so easily, you continue to watch because you still support him, still love him. Calum and him are talking about the new album with the interviewer when he asks,

"So I see there's a song titled 'Jet Black Heart'. That wouldn't have anything to do with a bad break up would it lads?" Chuckling afterward. The boys laugh along but you can already see Luke tense up. Cal explains he's never had one that bad but that he's also never been in love either. You watch the interviewer turn to Luke asking the same and the words that come out of his mouth, tear your heart in half.


"Yeah, I've had a bad break up." He says, clenching his jaw and keeping it short. As if that weren't enough the interviewer pushes for more details. He clears his throat and all that escapes his lips- though it's enough -is,

"She just left and I hate her for it." With clear conviction. You don't pay attention to the rest of the interview. You're too busy crying and feeling your lungs squeeze tight creating a weight in your chest. He hated you. That was the last thing you wanted to come out of this.


In hopes of feeling better you call your only best friend and tell her exactly what you heard. Even through your sobs and cries, she understands everything and listens as you tell her why you broke it off. You further explain that even after all this time you still stand by breaking it off the first time. How could he continue to love you when clearly so many other girls could have him and be better for him? With your heart shattered once more you and her get off the phone as you pray sleep will help. Though you know at most you'll get an hours worth.


The next morning you wake and check your social media sites out of habit. But in the back of your mind last night still rings clear. Every site, Twitter, Instagram, even Facebook- your notifications are blown up. As you start scrolling through some of them you notice one link remains the same. Clicking it leads you to an audio clip. Your stomach tightens and your jaw drops as you realize it's the conversation you had with your friend last night. She recorded the entire thing and posted it up for the world to hear, even making sure to tag Luke.


Every post she created said the same thing,

'How can you hate her when you can clearly hear how much she still loves you?' There are thousands of comments, likes and shares with every post as well. There is no way that Luke hasn't seen this or at least glanced at it. What would he think of this when or if he saw it? 


As fate would have it, he calls. You stare at your screen in shock at first and after a few rings, finally answer.

"Is it true?" He spits out with a clenched jaw. Why is he pissed?

"Yes." You answer in response thinking he means the audio clip. He scoffs on the other end saying,

"You left because you thought I'd leave you for someone else?! Are you fucking serious?!" Screaming into your ear. 

"I loved you, Y/N! Why would I ever leave you?! You chose to rip out my heart and throw it on the floor, because you didn't have faith in us?!" He screams accusingly, making your heart break into even smaller pieces.

"No. It's not like that-" You start with a quiver in your voice, the tears already falling.

"YOU LEFT!! We were supposed to be always and you decided better, stepping on my heart on the way out. Congratulations, Y/N. I thought I couldn't hate you anymore than I did, you just broke it again." He says before the line disconnects. 


As your tears fall again you can't help but wish you could take it all back. Anything would be better than what you feel right now and what you've heard. What you didn't know was that the fans had finally put two and two together. Enough knew your history with him that a new trend on Twitter started. You wouldn't find it until a few hours later because yes, by then it had gone to number one.


'#StoryOfUs' it read. You initially thought it had to do with Taylor Swift when you clicked it. But after scrolling through the tweets you realized it was you and Luke. Videos you shared or posted together, tweets you sent back and forth while you were together, pictures you took together or even ones others took of you. Your phone call from the night before is the star of it all as it appears in backgrounds of videos fans made. 


Surely Luke had to be seeing this too. But right now all it does is beak your heart more as it reminds you that he hates you. You don't even have the heart to save a screen shot of it, before crawling into bed and thinking of everything that's gone wrong.


A week later you receive a phone call from Luke. At first you let it go to voice mail. But when he calls again, you answer.

"Y/N?" He asks, his voice low and guarded. You stay silent in fear he'll lash out at you again. At this point in time you were done being made to feel guilty for doing what you thought was right.

"Look, I just wanted to call to apologize." He says, his voice breathy as though his nerves are shot.

"I was wrong to think you left with intent to hurt me. I am sorry. You should also know that I still love you too." He continues with his voice developing a quiver.

"Then you should know that I still love you. Never stopped." You admit, finally speaking up. He lets out a sigh on his end and asks,

"Would you be willing to make it official by coming to see our next show?" His voice gradually steadying out. 

"Promise." You answer before you both hang up.


As you two stare at one another in his dressing room it's so quiet you think you've gone momentarily deaf. He opens his mouth to speak but before he gets a word out, you run across the room engulfing him in a hug. You and him wrap your bodies around the other and bury your faces in each other's necks. By the grace of God he still smells the same and it almost brings you to tears, by the amount of comfort it produces.

"I love you, Y/N." You hear muffled.

"I love you more, Luke." You reply, your voice breaking.

"I love you most." He finishes with his voice broken. 


Fifteen minutes. That's how long it took for you two to finish patching the other up and end up where you first started.

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