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5. When You Break Up/Make Up - Ashton

When You Break Up/Make Up



Ashton: He hated these outbursts your memory caused. It had been almost a year since you two split. Why was he still clinging to the memory of you? Ashton knew but he never wanted to admit it to himself. Because to love you after you've gone would be a waste.

The guys have noticed his change in behavior while they toured. He knew that. He'd be laughing about something his band mates were doing and feel the best he had in months. But then a song would come on- your song. Or a movie would start- your favorite. It would warrant a worse reaction if the guys said your name. But he would change. Depending on what memory he was brought back to, he would either storm off into their dressing room to trash it, or sit in the bathroom stall to let out a cry.

He just couldn't understand why you left. You couldn't give him a reason when you walked away. But off you went and neither one of you has kept in touch since. That didn't help him from missing you every. Single. Day. You were someone who understood everything about him and now he's left feeling alone again. The guys can only do so much before he realizes they can never replace you.

It was different the way you two spoke. You were different in the way you'd make him feel inside about himself. You said it would be easier like this. But how when you're not in his world? He wished he hadn't met you, only to take it back just as quick as he thought it. Because you're the only reason he knows what it means to be happy.

Since your split the guys have tried several times to get you two together again. They all knew you two were better together than a part. Sometimes you were all for it but he had decided he was fine. Then when he decided he wanted you again you weren't as sure that you wanted him anymore. So eventually after so many failed attempts the guys stopped trying.

He wishes he could have some of those moments back. Maybe then he'd still have you. But he's clinging to a hope that extinguished this morning. How can he ask for you back when you're engaged? That was what everyone was saying at least. It wasn't until he saw the picture that it hit him full force. There you stood with a wide smile and a shiny new ring on your ring finger, standing next to your fiance.


With his phone in hand he calls you up in hopes to get some kind of closure from hearing you, say that you were engaged. But after so many rings it went to voice mail. He guessed you were still over him and didn't want to be bothered with him.

"Hey, Y/N. Just calling to see if the news was true. I'll take your reluctance to answer as a yes." He says with a small chuckle. Quickly he clears his throat and continues,

"Anyways I just wanted to wish you happiness and some luck for your new adventure. Marriage was always something I had hoped we could jump into together. But I guess you thought different." He admits.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that.....I wish I had asked you first. Too late now. Take care of yourself, Y/N. I'll miss you." He finishes before hanging up. 


You hear the message and feel your heart slide into the pit of your stomach. The sadness in his voice combined with his words tells you he still cares. Finally. All this time a part finally got through to him. You only left because he couldn't show you his feelings. It seemed like you were dating a shell of a human only going through the motions, not feeling them. You needed more from someone you anticipated spending your life with.

Without wasting any time you hop onto the flight that'll take you to where they're playing next. You had never wanted to marry the guy you were with. Hell, you weren't even dating. He was only acting the part and did a great job if Ashton and your friends bought it. You'd have to explain that to them when you come home again. But right now your only concern was for Ashton.

You get in touch with John Feldmann and find out where the guys are staying. There's a feeling of relief that you kept the number after all this time. You could've sworn you deleted it a while back but apparently, you changed your mind or something more important came up. As you walk into the place you ask to see Ashton and a bodyguard watches you. You're shooed away from the receptionist who's convinced you're a groupie trying to sneak in.


"Please! You don't understand what this means to me. I need him!" You bark across the counter. The lady is tempted to call the police when the security guard steps in. As you struggle he leads you away from the desk and once the receptionist busies herself, he stops. 

"I remember you." He whispers. Placing one finger to his lips he shushes you and points to the elevator. Together you climb inside after he makes a visit to the receptionist to get the key.


The elevator soars upward. One floor. Five floors. Ten Floors. Until finally they spring open and you're running to look for his room. If he could just see you and know that you cared to, maybe things wouldn't be too late for the two of you.

After Dave lets you in you look around to see you're alone. Ashton isn't here yet. He must still be performing or on his way here. Either way you have a minute or two to catch your breath before you see him. You walk over to his bed and sit hoping you didn't make a mistake in coming here. That you really did hear sincerity in his voice when he called you.

Digging in your back pocket you dig out the photograph you brought with. You stare at the image of the two of you during Christmas, you can see his mother in the background and the tree just behind you two as you pose. He holds you close and smiles widely showing off those adorable dimples you noticed when you first met. That was one of the best Christmas' you had. The fact that you got to spend it with him only made it so much more special. You brought this particular photo because if things were rocky, you could remind him of this moment in time. But if he didn't want you and you had to return home empty handed, you weren't bringing that photo back with you. It would only hurt you.

You look up at the door to see Ashton has been staring at you. How long he was there you're unsure of but you know now. As you stand he looks down at your hand and must see the picture and what it captures. In the next moment he's on his knees and shaking his head in disbelief as he runs a hand through his curly locks. You run over to him and drop down to his level, wrapping your arms around his neck and the two of you exchange,

"I missed you." As you squeeze each other tightly.


The guys show up not long after in the same elevator you arrived in. Only when they go to check on Ashton they find you in his lap as the two of you lock lips. All the while you two are muttering apologies and 'I love you' through each kiss. 

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