5SOS Imagines

Self explanatory title


1. The Night You Leave

The Night You Leave




Luke: It had been months since you agreed to stay with the guys on tour. So much time was spent goofing off backstage. The rides on the way to the stadiums on the tour bus had to be your fondest memories though. But school was starting up again and you needed to head home to get ready. Soon everyone has said their goodbyes but Luke is still holding back. You wonder if maybe he's not going to give you one. All these years as friends he's never been shy about hugging you before. You start to think maybe it's because you've done something to piss him off. Soon the announcer states your plane is boarding. One final goodbye is given and the four guys are waving you off as you hand over your ticket. You decide to look over your shoulder once more, to see if maybe Luke would give you your hug now that your boarding. It's then that you notice he's right behind you.


"Luke? Finally decided to come to your senses huh?" You joke, opening your arms for a hug. He laughs before handing over a ticket to the lady behind the podium.


"What're you doing? I already gave her my ticket." You tell him confused.


"That wasn't your ticket. It was mine." He states with a smug smirk. You can't help but smile knowing you wouldn't be on the plane with complete strangers anymore.


"You're coming with me?" You ask, stunned beyond belief. He simply kisses your forehead with a small laugh in between and grabs your bag. This flight got so much better.




"Babe, can't you stay another week?" Your boyfriend asks, making another ridiculous pouty face.


"Ash, I've already told you, my job is already snapping at me for staying the extra weekend." You explain in a huff. You've already had this conversation before, but he still insists on you staying for longer. If it were up to him, you wouldn't be working at the crappy shop in the local mall. He'd be your income for life, together the two of you would live off of his paycheck. With him being the drummer of 5SOS, it only makes sense he'd have financial stability.


"But Y/N, you don't need to work. I've got enough income for the both of us." He says with a playful giggle. See?


"Ashton. Baby. I love you, but I really have to get home. I'm not going to let you be my wallet." You say with a smirk. He sighs but caves and helps you finish packing.


"Just one more month right?" You ask with a small smile. He's got a small frown on his face when he answers


"Yeah.". Instantly you know he's still bummed you're leaving, so while steal the bandana from his head; you place a small peck on his temple. Almost instantly he's smiling again as you place the blue cloth around your head.   



Michael: Tonight he was going to die.


"BOOM!" You yell at the TV screen. Michael's face hardens as he fumbles with the buttons on his controller.


"I'm telling you babe. You should just give up." You state with a smug look on your face. This was the second round tonight you were playing the same game, and each time you keep whooping his ass. You were leaving to the airport in just a few hours, and thought some gaming would help relax Michael. 


"Eat my shorts." He says, while sending your character spinning from the turtle shell. You refocus on the screen only to see your so close to the finish line.


"Only if you eat mine first." You say while hitting the speed bump, sending you over the line and winning you the second round for the night. He groans throwing the controller to his side. You laugh lightly at his temper tantrum.


"Babe. It's a game." You say, inching closer. He sighs with his arms folded across his chest like a five year old.


"I lub you?" You question, mere inches from his face now. He laughs at you before giving you a kiss on the lips.


"You can always try again when you return home in a few months." You joke, switching the input to TV.


"Y/N, I hate you." He says with a sigh. You laugh in response saying


"Love you too Mikey."  




"Don't go." He pleads, lingering by the taxi car door.


"You know I have to Cal." You answer softly, staring up at his warm brown eyes.


"My sister needs me. Her fiance just left her, she can't be alone now." You state, thinking back to her heart broken phone call just hours earlier.


"I know." He states sadly, sighing once more.


"It's just for a few days. I'll be home soon." You explain, inching closer to him. He brings his hand up to cup your face and runs his thumb over your cheekbone.


"Promise?" He asks, still unsure about the whole thing. You smile warmly, standing on your tip toes.


"Promise." You answer. He leans into you pulling you close to him and kisses you hard, almost like it's the last time. He gives you a small smile before helping you into the cab and closing the door. You look behind you and wave out the window. He waves in response and runs following the cab until the end of the sidewalk. Settling into your seat, you stare at the ring on your left hand; positioned on your ring finger.


"Promise." You recite once more, thinking of the husband you're leaving behind.

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