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2. He's Drunk

He's Drunk




There it was again. It was another high pitched giggle. You could've sworn you looked at this table several times tonight. But yet you see no girls, instead you see a bunch of guys. It's not until they all laugh again while you're staring; that you notice it's one of them who has that laugh. You can't help but smile since he's pretty hot and that laugh just doesn't suite him, but only makes him cuter to you.

"Hi." You hear a voice behind you say. Looking over your shoulder puts you inches from their face. It's the same guy from earlier,

"Hey." You reply with an increasing smile. He watches your mouth form as you do this and it seems to make him giggle even more.

"I'm sorry, normally I'm not this drunk. I'm Ashton." He states in between laughter. His accent was breathtaking, what was it though?

"Y/N." You answer with a smirk, extending a hand. He looks down at your hand and raises one eyebrow.

"It's a handshake. You're supposed to take it, it's okay it'll come back to you." You tease with another smile, stifling back laughter. He shakes his head,

"I know what it is. But that's not how we do it where I'm from." He explains with a increasing smirk.

"Oh?" You question, he smiles.

"See, in Australia if you see a pretty girl in a bar, you're supposed to introduce yourself and then kiss her straight on the lips." He explains. You're momentarily stunned, did he just compliment you? Then before you become aware of the second half of that statement, his lips close onto yours. 



It's been a while since you and Luke drank. What with work and family, it's hard to have a moment alone. So when the two of you had a weekend free, together; you decided drinking would be the best way to unwind. The only problem is that he's only had a six pack, and is already slurring his words and stumbling all over the place.

"Luke! Get back inside, you're gonna fall somewhere and I'm not coherent enough to nurse you back to health!" You scream from the safety of your porch. He's stretching and doing leg kicks in your front lawn. He's such an idiot.

"Babe. Watch this.." He says while doing another leg kick and falling on his ass.

"Luke!" You scream, stumbling over to him. Only your husband would injure himself while he was on soft terrain. He's giggling away clutching his sides, before bringing a hand back and rubbing his ass.

"Wait. How did I get outside?" He wonders, looking around before meeting your slightly annoyed face.

"You walked out here." You answer still in shock that he's okay. He stands towering over you and pulls you close to him.

"Let's walk back inside then, there's something I'd much rather be doing." Luke says with a chuckle, while leaving small kisses from your ear to your neck, right there on the lawn.

"Fuck..." You say with a sigh.

"Exactly." He says while trailing his tongue along your collarbone.     




You and Calum had been dating for a while now. You'd gotten pretty comfortable around each other, but there was only one side of him you hadn't seen. As he polishes off the bottle of wine you bought, you're unsure how to take him.

"Y/N!!" He screams with a giggle. He's got a stupid look on his face and is now currently dancing to 80's music, while singing into the now empty bottle.

"Cal?" You ask, still unsure as to where your boyfriend went. He's giggling even more and until you see him stripping in your kitchen.

"Calum!" You shout, turning to prevent from seeing more of him than you're ready to.

"Will you please put your clothes back on!" You scream, still looking at the living room. Hearing some shuffling behind you, you're lightly chuckling to yourself. Then you hear a loud thud and know he's fallen.

"Cal!" You shout, turning and running toward him. You expected to see him on the floor and yet, all you see is your microwave, broken on the linoleum floor. He's got a confused look on his face, as you stare from him to the appliance. But your eyes quickly find him again. His toned arms, long torso and thick thighs. His tattoos seem to brighten against his tan skin.

"Babe?" He questions, grabbing the counter to steady his swaying self. His voice brings you out of your thoughts,

"Calum? I think we need to get you into bed." You state, with the wheels already turning in your head.

"Bed? I haven't even sung you our song yet!" He whines, reluctantly following behind you.

"Calum. You'll be singing enough when I get you into bed." You answer, dragging him upstairs.



Michael and you had been friends since you could remember. Michael calls you up to say that he needs a ride home; unless of course you want him driving drunk; which he's more than happy to do. Unwillingly you comply, simply because you know he's serious but you wonder how he plans on getting his car back tomorrow. After a long and brutal car ride home, with a very vocal and loud Michael; you drop him off. You walk him inside to make sure that his parents don't know he's drunk, just like several times before he's quiet and focused on the long walk up the stairs. Once inside his room he exhales loudly as though he'd been holding his breath. Knowing Michael, he probably was.

"Explain to me again how you have your parents so cool with you coming home at 1am?" You ask as he strips, slowly out of his skinny jeans.

"Their rules. As long as I return home, they don't care when I do. But on school nights if I did this, I'd be screwed." He answers with a loud laugh. You can't help but laugh with him, knowing Michael somehow always managed to get his way.

"Alright, well since you're home I'm gonna go. I still have a paper to finish for next week." You explain, watching him climb into bed. He looks over at you sort of lost, asking

"Can't you stay a while longer?" With a whine. It takes everything for you not to roll your eyes, but you sigh and sit down next to him on the bed. For some reason, he always got really clingy when he drank; especially with you. Instantly, his arms wrap around your waist dragging you down so you're face to face.

"I'm supposed to leave soon, if I stay like this I'll fall asleep." You retort quietly.

"But I want you to." He states with a smile.

"You don't mean that." You answer, still not leaving his green eyes. He sighs, before breathing you in

"Why haven't you caught on I love you?" He asks, completely serious. You shake your head, unsure how to answer.

"Michael. You're drunk. Go to bed." You respond, beginning to turn away. He pulls you back to him saying

"I'm serious. Somehow I'll prove it to you." Before using your chest as a pillow. What you didn't know, was that tomorrow when you woke you'd find out he was serious and you never realized until then, how you loved him as well.



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