What if there was a world that we didn't know was there?
Meet best friends Kelsey and Phoebe they do everything through. They live right next door from each other since the day they where born. What happens when one day there life is shaken up by a earthquake. What happens when they face there unknown?

Meet the crew.
Girls and boys that have no place to go but there home. What happens when they meet two friends who just learn there gift? What will happen to them? Will the crew be able to teach them the way?


1. In

"Welcome to Pine high how lay I help you today"

"We here to enrol for the school."

"Yes and names are?"

"Kelsey and Phoebe"

"Codes please."

We hand our time table over. She read it. She sign. Then a scans us in.

"You are lucky to be a class 23 for someone with your leaves of powers and starting at your time."

She sound rude and mean. She sound as if she wanted to kill us right there and then.

"I will send for Freay to get you. She will take you to Fox house were you will be attending for the rest of your Pine life here. Have a good day."

With that we were standing outside the room. A girl with long brownish black hair and brownish eyes look up at me. She was almost as if she was like a girl who had just gotten out of Dawson class.

"Ya we got new people. I am Freya moon. I am one of 27 people in Fox house. We are people from 20 and above. Anyone below us are in other house. We just in time for our house study. Each house work in the same sebject. You can take other class if you feel like it. I take 8. One of mine is able to do this."

She shape shift to us. She smile and change back.

"Don't mind her she does that to very new commers. She piss at us because one of us stole her power. So now she has no power she could be kick out. Here hold on to me."

I take her right hand. Phoebe took her other hand. She bonce up.

"Welcome to Fox house"

We walk in. It was in a tree. Each space was full of people or something it was clever. We look around.

"Hey Freya did you pick on the first years again?"

"I didn't. That was one time Jack. Do you every let it ago?"


"Who are these two?"

"Guys meet Kelsey and Phoebe. Level 28 and our new house."

Everyone choke in there drink.

"It can't be only one person is a level 28 and if she find out there is other 28 she will kill them. No has power stronger then her."

"Who are we talking about?"

"Milly she our age. She first of us to be a 28. Know one has gotton high then her. It is rare for people to be higher then her."

"Who higher then me?"

"Milly I thought u were in nurse office."

"It was Alec enger that drain me so badly. So you two are a level 28 a?"

"Ya. We just find out today"

"Well welcome. It is good to have someone the same number as me."

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