eyes - l.h.

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides." - copyright 2015 peytonxoxo


5. mall.

After I finished my homework I sat down at me desk opening my laptop. I brought up my blog and opened a new blog post.

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides." Audrey Hepburn. The beauty of a woman... The real beauty of a woman, I would venture to say. You can let any flaw make a woman "ugly" but if you just open the floodgates of your feelings and just stare into someone's eyes a whole new world of beauty is there. The little crinkle next to her eye when she smiles. The dull color her eyes seem to resemble when she's sad. Those are the small things, but if you just look, like really look you can see the big things. The way she widens hers eyes at anything that excites her. How when sometimes when she wears green her eyes seem to be brighter. But when she sees you, especially when she sees you, it's like her whole concentration is on the proximity of your body to hers, every small movement you make, every face you show, and every kiss you give. That's true beauty, and if you don't believe it, then you haven't experienced it.

xxx T

I quickly pressed post and grabbed my jacket bringing it with me to my bathroom. Once I got into the restroom I turned on my hair curler to let it warm. I had about 30 minutes until Alice and my other best friend Penny got here. I sat down on the small arch of my bathtub and looked down at my phone seeing various notifications about my blog, people commenting and liking. I smiled to my self then sat my phone down. My hair curler heated up pretty fast so I went to work quickly, putting my hair in loose beach waves. I then ran to my closet grabbing my maroon short cut sweater. The shirt was not exactly a crop top but short enough to hit just below my belly button. I put on one more coat of mascara the threw on my leather jacket picking up my phone seeing a text from penny.

"On your street."

I responded with a quick okay and jogged to my kitchen grabbing a water bottle to drink. I heard a honk outside my house so I chugged the last bit of my water bottle and ran outside.

"Come on loser we're going shopping."


In all reality we weren't really shopping just going to various stores and trying on clothes, wishing we could have them. Alice was big with taking pictures so if we all wore an outfit we liked she got her phone out and onto snapchat taking a photo. At one point we agreed to use one person as a model and dress her up horribly so we chose Alice.

"How's everything with your mom?" I asked Penny, searching through a rack of horrible neon colored shirts. She just shrugged and held up a pair of lime green sneakers to a fiery red stringy tank top.

"She's okay, her backs still bad though, like it's always been." She spoke putting back the practically non existent tank top on the rack. I nodded and decided to leave it alone finding a zebra printed shirt with hot pink flowers on the sleeves.

"Oh my gosh!" I said starting to laugh loudly. "This is perfect." I grabbed the red booty shorts and sneakers presenting the outfit. We both broke out into fits of laughter and ran to Alice throwing the outfit into her arms and shoved her into the dressing room.

"Hurry!" I shouted to her and I could practically hear her eye roll. I then heard a gasp.

"What type of shorts are these?? Their practically panties!" I heard her yelp astonished. I giggled to myself and sat down on the white bench next to the mirrors. After a minute Alice walked out with a glare and the horrendous outfit. Me and Penny broke into hysterics to where I felt a tear leave my eyes.

"Oh my gosh!" I breathed wiping a tear from my eye. Alice looked in the mirror and started to crack up herself.

"Where did you even find this shirt." Alice cried. It was on the clearance but I couldn't even choke it out from all the laughter.

"That's a nice outfit." We heard a deep voice come from behind us and I looked back to see the new boy from school today. His blue eyes shining brightly with amusement and I gulped.

"Well your surely a nice perv, what's up with being in the girls dressing room?" Penny shot back and Luke's hands went up in defense.

"I'm just here for my cousin." He said pointing at an occupied dressing room. I hadn't realized I was staring at his eyes until I felt a sharp jab at my side.

"Ow!" I groaned looking back to see Penny. "What was that for?" I asked rubbing my side.

"He is totally checking you out! Is that the new kid?" She asked winking then laughed at her own foolishness. I rolled my eyes and turned back a round.

"I only met him today doofus." I explained but then I looked over at him again, seeing him looking at a rack of forgotten clothes and I felt a strange loneliness prickled in his eyes and all I wanted was to help him understand.

"But you want to get to know him." Penny offered and I found myself nodding in agreement.

I want to get to know him.

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