eyes - l.h.

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides." - copyright 2015 peytonxoxo


6. mall 2.

"Luke, can you get a size bigger on these jeans?" I heard Luke's cousin ask from the dressing room. She stuck her tan skinny arm out showing some high waisted jeans. Luke looked over and grimaced.

"How am I supposed to know where you even got that?" He spoke, walking up to her and taking the jeans looking at them.

"I'll help you." I offered sitting at my white bench while Penny and Alice found me ugly clothes. Luke looked at me, then the jeans, then me again.

"Sure." Luke shrugged then walked up to me and threw the jeans into my arms. I looked down at the jeans in my arms and back at him raising my eyebrows.

"Are you coming?" He said trying to seem nonchalant. I chuckled a bit to myself and stood up.

"Giddy up, buttercup." I smiled and walked towards the jean section.

Luke POV

"Giddy up, buttercup." She gave me a wide smile and walked away. Who is this girl? What does she want with me? I followed closely behind her watching her every move. I like to say I'm a very observant person. I pay very close attention often. I tend to look at every freckle, dimple, or crease on a person. I guess it fascinates me.

"Well this is the size bigger." She said pulling it up to me, her eyes meeting mine. She stood for a second and I felt squeamish under her gaze.

"You know, your eyes are beautiful." She spoke staring intently my eyes like I was a frog during a science lab and she was dissecting every feeling from me.

"I know." I said without thinking.

"You know?" She asked, confusedly looking at me.

"Huh?- Oh! What no, that's not what I meant!" I quickly said, mentally slapping myself.

"Well, alright." She laughed, obviously still confused. "It's great you know but, you should bring these to your sister." She said, plopping the jeans into my arms.

"Cousin." I mumbled, holding the jeans.

"Right." She smiled.

"TY!!" The dirty blonde haired girl that called me a perv earlier, ran up. "We have your outfit, why'd you run off??"

"I was helping Luke." She said, tucking her hair behind her ear. I gulped then decided to step away.

"Well come on!" She pulled Tyler away and I followed closely behind.

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