eyes - l.h.

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides." - copyright 2015 peytonxoxo


3. his eyes.

When we walked into ILA the teacher hadn't even entered the room yet. I sat down in my assigned seat across the room from Alice setting my stuff down.

"Tyler!" I heard someone whisper yell. I looked over to see my good friend Dakota calling for me.

"Yeah?" I asked. She suddenly smiled looking over my shoulder. I turned and saw a boy walk in right after my teacher Mr.Drew. I stared at the new boy with a new fascination. The boy had blonde hair that swept up into a "quiff" and had a small ring piercing on his lower lip with-

Oh my god his eyes.

"Good morning class we have a new student." Mr.Drew said setting down the water bottle he must have gotten. "This is-"

"Luke." The boy interrupted Mr.Drew.

"Yes this is Luke." He nodded and then looked around the room.

"You can sit by Tyler." Mr.Drew said, pointing at me. I internally groaned scolding myself for being the only one at a loner seat. More like scolding Mr.Drew.

I raised my hand and waved showing him who I was. Luke looked at me and smirked making his way over.

"Hello." He said sitting down beside me. I only smiled in response not wanting to sound like an idiot by saying something stupid. I turned my head and decided to not make eye contact for my best interest.

But how badly I wanted to look at his eyes.



that short update tho.

I wanna try to update everyday...

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