eyes - l.h.

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides." - copyright 2015 peytonxoxo


2. except for him.

Eyes. To me they show a whole different level of feelings. No longer your attitude that gives it away or the touch of someone you love but the single look into someone's eyes.

For example, something we all know, when someone sees something they like their pupils dilate. For me when I look into someone's eyes it's like I can see sadness so I immediately ask "what's wrong?". No one understood why they would find me staring at their eyes or why I always made direct eye contact while talking. No ones ever understood.

Except for him.


"Tyler!" I heard someone call my name from down the hall so I looked up. My best friend Alice ran over to me, blonde hair flying behind her.

"Oh my gosh Tyler!" She squealed next to me. I rolled my eyes chuckling and looking back at my locker.

"Yes Alice, what is it your squealing about." I said grabbing my book for ILA. She jumped up and down then calmed her self.

"There's a new guy." She said calmly then squealed again. I looked over at her.

"Oh really?" I acted interested. For all I know this kid could be a total nerd. Not like "Nerd" but like weird "I'm gonna stalk you" nerd.

"Yes he's like really hot." She gushed. That caught my attention.

"Don't you have a boyfriend young lady?" I teased grinning. She waved me off then Brandon walked up hugging Alice from behind.

"Speak of the devil." I laughed. Alice kissed his cheek then looked back at me.

"He's in our ILA!" She whisper yelled. I raised my eyebrows at her.

"Is that so?" I said sarcastically.

"Who y'all talking about?" Brandon asked resting his head on Alice's shoulder.

"Some new kid Alice is freaking out about." I shrugged shutting my locker.

"Oh the blonde?" Brandon asked. Alice nodded her head in a fast motion making her shoulder hit Brandon's chin.

"Ow!" Brandon said rubbing his chin. Alice giggled then poked his cheek.

"You'll be okay." She said. I smiled then shut my locker holding my book and binder.

"Well let's go." I walked and Alice followed behind me.



I really like writing this... do you guys like it so far?

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