The girl behind the computer screen

This is the true story of me. The normal story of a normal girl who spends her time behind the computer screen.
Please note that I've changed the names of the real people in my life and the location I live in.


1. Hey...

November 09, 2015


 My life is a total mess. Here is a few things you should know why my life is a mess.

1. I don't know if I like my friend or his friend.

2. I'm failing my math class and my Spanish class. I'm fudging Hispanic for gods sake

3. My grades are so low. 

4. I think I may be losing my friends. I heard them talking behind my back.

5. My best friends girlfriend hates me. I don't even know what I did wrong. Is it wrong that your boyfriend has a best friend that so happens to be a girl? I don't think so

6. I found out my crush likes someone else and I don't even like her.

This diary is going to be hard. I'm trying to remember what I did today in the morning but I can't even remember what I had for lunch today at school.

Today was the usual. I woke up, got dressed and waiting for my mom to wake up and dropped me off at my bus stop. Of course I can walk but she says the neighborhood we live in is to "dangerous". Yeah I know I live in a ghetto place so what? 

When my mom dropped me off, I stood alone on the side walk with a few other students but they're 6th grades and 7th graders. I don't talk to 6th and 7th graders. Of course I know you're thinking, 'Just use your phone if you're bored. Play flappy bird or whatever. Everyone does that' 

I don't have a phone. I know I know. How can I live with out a phone? I use the computer ok. I do use a tablet to. But don't worry I have an instagram. It's kinda sad to see 4th grades having iphones and all. 

Ashley and her sister, Melissa, came and walked over to me. A couple minutes later the bus came and all the students piled on the bus. 

After stopping to another bus stop and heading to school, I started doing my history notebook. It was due today and I haven't finished my cornell notes that were due today and one that was dues last week. (This is going to be boring for you guys. So imma skip to lunch time)




Sophie -my best friend- told me my crush ,lets say his name is Cody,  kissed a girl in the cheek. I was expecting to feel jealousy but I didn't feel anything when she told me. I was shocked.

First thing though. I think I may like Cody's friend, Alec. I've like Alec for 3 years in middle school. We used to be friend until one of stupid friends told him I liked him and he stopped talking to me. Yeah that's how bad it was. For the past 3 years all we did was make eye contact. Every time I go see my guy friends, Alec is always there. Things get super awkward  

Last year when we were leaving for summer. He hugged me. I was like h.o.l.y. s.h.*.t. That did not just happened.

Now in like present time, I think we are starting to become friends. But here's the thing that's when I started like Cody. I don't know who I like. Is it Cody or Alec?


oh oh. Hear hear. I can embarrass myself a whole lot until my face turns bright red. My school has this soccer academy thing and I'm in it and so is Alec.

So on Thursday I was goalie and Alec had to sit out because something happened to his foot. I don't know what happened maybe he got stepped on, but that day I will never forget. I was stiff and fumbling about my shirt because Alec has literally right behind me. Watching me. My heart was pounding so hard I think he heard it.  

When the ball came right at me I grabbed it but I fumbled with it. It almost fell into the goal. My team mates were screaming at me. I kicked it purposely aiming it at April but I was so distracted I kicked the ball to the other team. I did that two times and my face was already redder than a tomato. A couple minutes later I thought Alec left so I was focused on the game but when I turned back, he was looking at me. Like looking at me. Like literally looking at me. me I'm telling you. I was getting lost in his sea green eyes. I may change the names of the people but not how they look like. Alec literally has sea green eyes that what I like about him. 

Friday morning, April told me Alec was watching the whole game. I was so embarrassed I couldn't even look at him without my face turning red.

Today in lunch me and my friends were played mini soccer on the field. Alec's friends were playing soccer too behind us and I was goalie once again. I did pretty good. Blocked some goals. That's what I'm proud of.  

Okay I feel like this is getting long. So I will stop it right here. Tomorrow I will fill you readers in what happens in soccer academy hopefully Alec isn't sitting out again but I think he will. Oh my god pray for me. Okay bye <3

- SuckerForMusic

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