New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


5. Problem Child

(A.N. for those of you who might not catch on, when the names of chapters start with "New Kid...." It's in Luke's POV, when they start with "Problem Child...." It's Michael's. Anyways, ON WITH THE STORY!)


Chapter 5 "Problem Child" 
Dear Diary,
My Aunt is making me write down all my problems because she thinks letting them all out will help, but i hate therapists so this was the "next best thing". Anyways, I had the nightmare again. I don't know why I can't move past it. My old therapist said it's probably because I felt like it was my fault, and to be honest, I kinda believe her. If I weren't such a crybaby and listened to my mother, then my father wouldn't have left, and he most certainly wouldn't have gotten in the crash that ended his life. My mom blamed me, too. She mentally and physically abused me from when I was 7 to when I turned 16 two years ago. She then ran off and just left me to my aunt. Don't get me wrong Aunt Elli is awesome, but my life is still pretty shitty. All I want is something, SOMEONE to make this nightmare go away.   

I finished writing my journal entry when I noticed I was running late. I threw on my Backseat Serenade shirt, black skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and combat boots. I ruffled up my jet black hair, put I my eyebrow ring, and quickly drove to school.

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