New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


9. Problem Child Takes the Hit and New Kid Shares Music

Chapter 9 "Problem Child Takes the Hit and New Kid Shares Music" 
"Leave. Him. Alone. For fucks sake!" I shout for across the room. Those assholes turn around and glare at me. They couldn't tell who I was because of the hood over my head from my sweatshirt. 
"Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do about it, punk?" Jake's right hand man calls. 
   I walk towards them in the most menacing way I could muster up. I step right up to him, facing down. Taking my hood off, I push him lightly and the words rolled right off my tounge, "I'll show ya if you want." I crack my knuckles while the dumb jock starts to tremble.
"Please don't hurt me" he squeaks
"Run." Is all I say before they scramble to the other side of the room. 
Luke looks at me stunned, before thanking me and returning to his work. Looking down, I saw a crumbled piece of paper. I grab it of the floor and start to open it up, but Luke panics, and tries to take it from me. This must be why they were messing with him. 
"Hey, hey, hey. Calm down. Don't worry, I won't judge whatever it is."
He calms down a bit, "Promise?" He croaks, tears gathering in his eye from still being so shaken up. 
"I promise, Luke. Please just trust me."   
Luke  wipes his eyes, and looks at his lap.  He nods yes ever so slightly, and I slowly open it up. It was an incomplete drawing of two guys kissing. In the top left it said "w.a.m.s-Fall Out Boy". To be honest, it was an amazing drawing. I smile while Luke searches my eyes to try and figure out what I'm thinking. 
I toss it back on the desk saying, "Its wonderful, New Kid, absolutely wonderful." 
After those words leave my mouth, he gets a relieved look on his face followed by a blush to his cheeks. He mumbles a thanks, and I take a seat at the nearest desk. We sit in silence,  looking at each other. Suddenly, Luke coughs and says, "So, uh, wanna, uh, listen with me?" He says taking hold of one of his earbuds. I scoot the desk closer, and take the earbud from him. 'Lullabies" by All Time Low was playing. 
New Kid's POV
   I looked at his face and  notice that he looks like the song got him a bit choked up. "Hey," I put my hand on his shoulder, "Are you okay?" 
  He shakes his head, he says, "I'm fine." 
"Are you sure?" 
"I said I'm fine Luke!" He says slightly raised his voice, an the song changed. "She's my Winona " by FOB was now playing. He mumbles the words along with Patrick. 
You, Michael, are a confusing puzzle, and I plan on figuring you out.

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