New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


11. Problem Child Goes Home


(First off, I have know idea what's up with the font, so if it looks as off as it does on my screen, my apologies. Also, I'm so terribly sorry I suck at updating, but thank you all so much for getting this to almost 1500 views, it means alot. Anzywayz...ON WITH THE STORY) Chapter 11 "Problem Child Goes Home"  Once I'm out of the school, I high tail it to my Harley. As I'm riding away, I realise I didn't see Luke in the parking lot. There is no way he drove away that fast, this parking lot is impossible for a car to get out of. I try to shrug the thought off, and started my bike.      As I reached the corner's stop, I looked over and saw Luke getting into a car with who looked like to be his mother. They had all the windows rolled down but I couldn't hear anything.  We were stopped there for a while due to traffic.  Suddenly, I hear from Luke's car, "REALLY?!? AW MY LUKEY HAZ A CWUSHHHH! Tell me all about him!!"  As soon as she had spoken the words, it was our turn to go. I rev my bike and speed off before I could let my mind wander to what I consider to be one of the worst possibilities ever.  I pull up to my house and into the driveway. I walked in to hear my aunt say, "Alright. Well, goodbye, Babe"  I close the door and her head shoots up.  "Oh hello, Mikey." She looked slightly mortified and embarrassed "Who was that?" I ask, sounding like a shy little kid. "Um...No one important. How was your day?" "Fine." I was definetly annoyed, and so I ran upstairs.   I threw myself face down on the bed, and started thinking about what Luke said to his mum.  He likes someone. I know I just met him, and I shouldn't just be jumping in to anything, but the thought of him liking someone else kills me. He was so nice, dorky, funny, and innocent. I just want to protect him.  I start thinking about who it might be. The first name that pops in my head is Ashton. Of course he would like Ashton. Ashton was there when he got beat up. Ashton was in his first class. Ashton hung out with him at lunch.  I barely know him, but Luke, you've already flipped my life around.
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