New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


7. New Kid's Next Class

(A.N. hey guys!! I'm so sooty I haven't been updating recently. I've just been so caught up in school and all my friends problems that I got distracted. I'll try to update again next week and a few times over Christmas break as kind of your guys' present :))

Chapter 7 "New Kid's next class"
I went to my next class, Science and got slightly upset when I found out he wasn't in it. Mr. Chaplin began teaching as soon as the bell rang waisting no time. He seemed a hell of a lot more strict than Ms. Lozano.  No body talked, or laughed in this class. Other than what Mr. Chaplin said and the sounds of pencils marking paper, there wasn't a peep, otherwise, Detention.  When there was about ten minutes left in class, he allowed us to have quiet group time. 
"Wow, he's a tad bit strict." I stated to Ash.
"YOU!" Mr. Chaplin called, " the new one, what's your name?!?"
"Luke Hemmings, sir"
"Well, Lucifer, I don't know how your teachers taught at your old school, but here, I do not tolerate talking. Come take this detention" I got up slowly and grabbed it from him.
"Go to room 484 after school, Mr. Schumacher will meet you there."
I stand reluctantly, and go to grab the detention. Ashton shoots me a pitiful glance and I just shrug. I mean, it not the best for a first day, but it really could be worse. 
Once the bell rings, Ashton walks over to me to guide me to the lunch room. We sit at a table in a far off corner where no one would pay attention to us, and to be honest, it was pretty weird. At my old school, I was actually one of the populars (no we weren't stuck up asses, we were just well known), so to be sitting away from it all was strange for me. As for Ash, it was obvious he did this all he time. We sat and chatted while Ash and I ate. I glanced up after a while only to catch Michael Clifford's eye again. He was sitting with a group of friends, putting most of his attention towards a guy with dark hair and perfectly tanned skin. Michael give me a nod and smiles. I smile and look down at the table. This is going to get interesting.

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