New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


12. New Kid's December

(A.N . IM SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT IM SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING. MY STUPID MUSIC APPRECIATION CLASS TOOK SO MUCH WORK. But, I'm here now with another chapter, and that's what matters. So, please feel free to like/comment/favorite to lemme know what you all think!! xx)

Chapter 12 "New Kid's December"
It's been about three months since we got here. Ashton and I have become great friends, and Michael and I talk every once in a while. I mean, not as often as I would like, but at least we do talk. He always seem to get kinda stiff when Ashton walks up to me though. I wonder what that means. Besides, didn't he like girls? I mean, wasn't Natalie his girlfriend once? I don't know anymore.
   Today is Friday, luckily, we don't have school. Tonight however, my mom said she had someone she wanted me to meet. Oh my lanta, I hope it's just a friend. I still miss my dad, even though I knew he and mom had a lot of trouble. 
 The weather has grown cold over the past few weeks, as it is now December, the first actually. I'm sat on my bed in what feels like the thinnest sweater ever, trying to stay warm while texting Ashton. 
We were talking about the break coming up, and what we were planning on doing. He was planning on leaving for a few days towards the end of their two week break. I was going to stay home. We continued to talk for hours until Ashton had to go.  For the rest of the night, I sat on my bed listening to Asking Alexandria. I heard my mum walk in the house and call me down stairs. I hop down the stairs, and walk into the kitchen.
 "Hey Mum! What's up?" I said walking over towards the counter. She set groceries down to my left, "Luke? Can I ask you a GIANT favor?" 
"Um....yeah...? Are you okay?"
"Oh, yes! Yes! I'm fine! It's just.... Jayli's coming." 
"Really? That's amazing" I move off the counter, "What's so bad about that?"
"There's the thing.... The divorce papers weren't filled out correctly, so I have to go back and clarify them with the judge."
"Oh. Okay." My smile falters a bit, but I stay positive.
"So, could you take care of Jay while I'm gone?" 
"Of course! Yeah, yeah." 
"Alright. She'll be here tomorrow, and I leave afterwards"
She kisses my forehead and ruffles my hair, then moves to finish putting the groceries away. 

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