New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


3. New Kid, New Friend

Chapter 3 "New Kid, New Friend" "Lukey, baby, it's time to get up!" I hear my mom call from downstairs. I look at my clock and it read 6:30. I had the be at the school in two hours. I groan and get up to shower, grabbing clothing and strawberry shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. After getting out of the shower, I throw on my white Fall Out Boy shirt, black skinny jeans, and my pink converse. Then, I headed over to my vanity and put on my clear mascara, my strawberry lip gloss (I was in a very strawberry mood), and finally, the flower crown. I ran down stairs and ate my breakfast. After that, ran to kiss my mom good bye, grabbed my owl sweater and head to school. I arrived ten minutes early, and grabbed my schedule from the nice office lady, and ran to the locker she assigned me. When I got there, I heard a loud slam and laughing behind me. A nerdy kid was pushed up against a locker and jocks were making fun of him and hitting him. I stared in shock, as people walked by head down, eyes covered. All of the sudden , I heard a jock yell, "Hey, Jake! We got a watcher!!" 'Jake' turned and looked at me, and I recognised him as the teenage boy next door. He laughed and threw the other boy to the ground and walked over to me. "Hey, princess!" He called at me, "you must be new here, huh?" I nod my head frantically. "Well, New Kid. Rule #1, don't look at us when we're beating kids up, alright." I nod again. "What's with the flower crown and pink converse, pretty boy? Are you gay?" One of his buddies asked laughing. Everyone else joins in, and picks on me, a couple punches thrown here and there. When they leave, I see the nerd still on the floor. I get up quickly and helped him up too, trying to not pay attention to the pain in my ribs. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?" I asked him, he coughed a bit and said yeah. "I'm sorry about them, they're just a bunch of assholes. I'm Ashton!" "I'm Luke." "Nice to meet ya, Luke!" "Wait... You're not gonna judge me?" "Judge you? Why would I do that?" "Cause I'm gay..." "Of course not! That is one of the stupidest things to judge someone about, besides, I am too." I smile at him. Afterwards, we compare schedules to see what classes we have together. Seeing we had a very similar schedule, Ashton walks me to class

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