New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


2. New Kid Moves In

Chapter 2 "New Kid Moves In" 
"Home, Sweet home." Mom says as she opens the door. It's a decent sized home. Two bedrooms (three of you count the guest room), two bathrooms (one in a bedroom, and the other, in the hall next to the living room), and of course, a living room, and a kitchen. I look around the two bed rooms. The one without the bathroom was on the bigger side, and   was painted red. The other was slightly smaller, and painted a light purple. 
"This! This is your room!" Mom exclamed when we looked at the purple room.
I smiled then went to go help the men from the moving company who had just arrived. Although, me being kinda weak, I could only help with the smaller and less heavier items. Pretty soon, we had every box and piece of furniture in the proper room. While my mom went off shopping to buy food, I started unpacking the boxes in my room. All my clothes were put in the closet and dresser, books and video games on shelves, my hair supplies, mascara, and lipgloss on my vanity, and finally, posters of my favorite bands covered large sections of my wall while I put my CD's on their own little shelf next to my radio. Next, I made my bed. The covers were covered in fur like fabric coloured pink, blue and purple as well as two of the pillows. The sheets and other pillow were white with speckles of the same colours on them. I laid some stuffed animals along my nightstand for when I go to sleep later on. I go and unpack some of the rest of the household items before deciding to take a break.
 I head back to my room, open my window, and start scrolling through random websites. After a while, I heard noises from the house next  door. I glanced up only to see a teenage boy pressing a girl on to the window, making out. I cringed and shut the window fast while trying to get the image out of my mind. To muffle out the noises, I put some Fall Out Boy on. 'Just One Yesterday' played first. I danced around for a minute, then sorted my clothes.
 Mum arrived home soon after and we both put groceries away.  We start to make some pasta for dinner, with small talk here and there, and afterward, headed to bed because of how late it was.  I fell asleep wondering how school would go tomorrow.

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