New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


4. New Kid Meets Problem Child

Chapter 4: "New Kid meets Problem Child" 
The first class we had was Maths. We sit down a row from the back of the room and talk as we wait for the lesson to start. The teacher, Ms. Lozano, hushes the class and starts teaching. She seems quite nice. Not long after she starts, the door opens and in walks a boy. He looks quite tall and  his hair is black. He has these beautiful green eyes with an eyebrow piercing above the right one.  A PTV shirt and leather jacket hang off his back while black skinny jeans and combat boots cling to his legs. He has this perfect punk aura, and I like it. The teacher nods at him to acknowledge the fact he's here, and he nods back in response then walks to sit down. 
"That's Michael Clifford, the school's badass." Ashton said, "You really don't wanna mess with him. I heard he beat up the whole football team because they made a couple comments about his old girlfriend" 
My  face fell when he said girlfriend, I should've guessed. Too good to be true. Michael walks by my desk to sit down. He sat right behind me. I tried to focus as the teacher continued on with her lesson, but Michael had taken over my thoughts. I've already fell for the guy, but I haven't even heard him say a word. About halfway though the class period, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I shudder, then slowly turn around to see that it was Michael. 
"Nice shirt, Kid." I bush a bit and quietly thanks him as he continues, "You must be the new kid. I'm Michael." 
"Luke" I reply softly. He nods at that, and I turn around again to hear the teacher say it was work time. The class erupts in talking and I shrug
 it off. I open by book to the page on the board, then turn to Ash to see if he wants to work with me. He sits there with a shocked look on his face. 
"What's with the look on your face?" I ask 
"Michael talked to you." 
"Yeah, so?" 
"That's crazy, he hardly ever talks to people who aren't in his friends group, especially on their first day."  
We start working on our assignment pushing off side conversations, but I'm still a bit out of it. Michael infatuated me.  

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