New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


8. New Kid Likes Drawing

(A.n. Hey, guys!! I'm so sorry for all the weird update times and for not updating more. But as a Christmas present, I'm planning on doing a double update this time! Thank you for reading, and Merry Christmas!!!)


Chapter 8 "New Kid Likes Drawing"
Ash explains to me how the seating in the cafeteria works. I'm not going to bother getting into detail, because it was basically the same as it is in Mean Girls or The Duff. 
    I also get to know Ashton a bit more. He loves music in almost the same way I do, his favorite color is midnight blue, and he has two younger siblings and no father like me. I tell him about my life before that day, and about Jayli. He listens all the way through, making a couple of comments and asking a few questions here and there.
      Ashton is a really great person, and I'm glad I happened to bump into him. 
   Lunch finishes not long after, and the rest of the day passes by fairly quickly. When the final bell rings, I leave 4th period, and head to try to find the detention room.
    I get there, and I was the only person there. The teacher took my slip, and gestures for me to sit down while giving a slightly sympathetic smile. He must know its my first day.  I sit in the back of the room, thrown my headphones, and started to draw. 
   I love to draw, I don't think I'm very good, but it's just so very stress-relieving. When I have music playing, I usually just draw what the song is describing. Right now, I was drawing "New Americana" by Halsey. 
   I drew the girl's Balenciaga. I drew young James Dean. I drew a few more outcasts, then finally, the New Americana it self, Halsey in the middle of if all. The only color on the entire page was her blue hair. Of course, it didn't look perfect, but I liked it. 
By the time I was halfway through the next song,"w.a.m.s." by Fall Out Boy (which I obviously stopped when I heard people walk in. They didn't need to know mah life lol), every one was in the room.
    I looked up, and his jet black hair catches my eye. I turn away before he can look, and started working on the homework I used to hide my drawings. Mr. Schumacher comes up with an excuse to leave not even 5 minutes later. 
   Not long after, I felt a presence surrounding me, and suddenly my FOB drawing was snatched up. I shoot my glance up quickly. It was those friking jocks. 
"Well, well, what's this, boys?" Jake crowed loudly while laughing his ass off. 
  The boys start shoving me around, teasing me about the incomplete drawing of the two lip locked young men. Suddenly, someone shouted from across the room, "Leave. Him. Alone. For fucks sake!"

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