New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


1. New Kid Leaves Old Life


Luke Hemmings'  parents have recently divorced, forcing him  and his mother to move away. A new state, new town, new school, new neighbourhood, new people, new LIFE. He hates it. He had to move away from his boyfriend, Alex, who broke up with him because his parents didn't want him do 'deal with a long distance relationship'.
  He's into a bit of pop punk, but mainly listens to pop. He is a bit girly, but no one seems to mind. Luke is a very likeable guy, he used to be one of the more popular people at his old school (not that he cared about popularity). 

Chapter 1: New Kid Leaves Old Life 

 "Lucas, honey! We need to get ready to go to the airport!" My mum yelled up to my room.  
My dad is gone to work, and my mum didn't want to leave until he was out of the house so we wouldn't run into him. 
I let her know I was getting ready. I stopped playing on my phone and ran to my closet. I threw on my All Time Low tee, my favourite pair of skinny jeans, and my pink high top converse. I ran over to the desk in the room, put on some clear mascara and fixed my hair.
I ran downstairs to see Mum making pancakes and my grandmother playing with my sister. I was upset  I 
had to let them go. My grandmother doesn't want to leave and my dad wanted my sister, but is letting me visit every summer.
I ran to her, and picked her up.  Jayli was only 5, so she didn't understand what was going on. You shouldn't do that when you have a child her age. 
"Hwi, Lukey!" She squealed. 
"Hey, Buttercup !" She giggled at her nickname. I sat and played dress up with her for a little while. She was in a pink princess dress with a crown and wand, and I had on a blue tutu and a flower crown. 
"You're so pwetty, Lukey!" She giggled once again
"Thank you, princess! Why don't we go eat some breakfast, hm?
I gave her a piggy back ride to the table. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon were laid out on the table. I filled my plate and Jayli's, and let her sit on my lap and eat. 
I was gonna miss this. My grandma, my sister, my dad, my life, my ALEX.
We haven't talked since the week before. I broke the news to him at his house. We sat in his front yard holding each other and crying. His parents came home to find us there. We told them what was going on, they immediately told him he can't. He's not allowed to have long distance relationships because it'll  "End up horrible!" or "Break his heart". They ran me off their property screaming about how they don't want a 'Problem Child dating their baby boy' and changed Alex's number the next day. 
 "Lucas! Are you ready? Grandma is dropping us off." Mum yelled from her room. 
I respond with a quick yes, then clear up the table. I take Jayli to her room and let her get dressed while I took off my tutu.  She came out of her room in a pretty blue sundress. I took off the flower crown and put it on her. She  smiled at me. I grabbed her hand and walked her out to the car. I buckled her in the car seat. I sat next to her while my mother and grandma took the front seats. 
The whole ride was spent with Jayli and I goofing off without a care in the world.  Songs came on the radio and we would both dance and sing, though I have a feeling that if Jayli knew what was going on, she wouldn't be this chipper. My mother had been the one who decided not to tell her until we got to the airport, but I think that will hurt her more.
"We're here, guys!" Mum said while pulling into the parking lot. 
"Where is here?" Jayli asked confused.
"You'll find out soon" Mum and grandma got out and I grabbed Jayli and my bag, and walked in the airport with my family. 
Once we were all sat down waiting the last 3 minutes for our flight, I thought I should tell Jayli what's going on. 
"Hey princess, can I speak with you?" She was sat on mom's lap. When Mum realized what was going on, she had a pained look in her eyes, and started to tear up. 
Jayli ran over, "Yes, Lukey?" She smiled.
"Ok, the reason why we are here is because-" I started to tear up as well. Before I continued, Jayli wiped my tears away. "What's wrong, Lukey?" 
"Jayli, Mum and I are going away... For a really long time. Mum and Dad don't love each other anymore, so I'm going with Mummy, and you're staying here with Daddy." I look at her, she was crying. 
"But I'll miss you!!! And Mummy, too!" She wailed
"I know sweetie, I know." I bring her in for a hug, "But don't worry, I'll come visit you and Dad, and you'll come and visit Mum and I" she smiled at that and hugged me harder.
"Flight 647B, Now boarding. Flight 647B, Now boarding." Said a voice over the intercom.
"That's us." Mum calls. She walks over and hugs Jayli. 
"I'll miss you, baby girl." Mums says and Jayli replies back then Mum starts to walk to the boarding area.
" Wait, Lukey!!!" Jayli runs to me, " Take this, please? I want you to have it." She hands me her flower crown
"But , this is your favorite!" I respond 
"I know, that's why you should have it, so you don't forget me." She says sadly.
" I won't, princess. Here, take this." I hand her my light pink beanie. We hug one last time, then I board the plane.


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